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Replace your stair mats and paint your stairs

Replacing your stairmats is something everyone could do!

Are you bored with your old stair mats and do you feel like giving your stairs a new fresh look? These mats are pretty easy to remove from the treads, normally they use duplex tape and with a little bit of forse they will be off in no time. If some glue stays left on the treads, this can be easily removed with sticker desolver. 

If the residues are like a kit, this needs to be scraped off with for example a paintscraper. After doing this use some sandpaper to properly smoothen the tread and this will also make the tread ready to be painted. Pick any color you like to apply on your stairs. 

After painting the stairs make sure you use a non-slip strip to create safety again. If you don't feel like carpet stair mats, or is this to expensive for you? A very safe and yet cheap soloution is a non-slip adhesive strip. Because the strip is adhesive, it is very easy to apply and it gives a beautiful touch to your stairs. 

This non-strip adhesive stair tape is available from €40,- your entire stairs. You will get delivered a roll of 15meters, which is more then enough for one stairs. 


Blogwriter: Dennis



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