Antislip brown

Stair treads are often very slippery right after painting... With this non-slip rubber tape you can easily solve this problem! 

Non-slip adhesive stair tape

An indoor stairs is traditionally padded with a soft carpet. Are you tired of this look and do you want to give your stairs a new fresh life? Why don't you get rid of the carpet and treat your stairs with some gorgeous paint? If you do, please do consider that the steps wil be a bit more slippery after painting and that the sturdiness of just paint alone is not very good. Read our tips and tricks about painting your stairs in the best way.

Painting your wooden stairs can be beautiful, neatly and is very trendy at the moment. But besides from the stairs to be a hot item these days, you should also think about the safety of you and your family and make sure the stairs is not only beautiful but also safe. Are you still looking for a safe solution for your own home?  You don't have to look any further, because we have the perfect solution! 

Our non-slip rubber tape is adhesive and easy to apply on any wooden stairs. Anyone can do it, you don't need to be technical or have any special tools. Just remove the special paperlayer and apply the strip onto your treads. Your stairs will be secured for years with less effort then anyone thought would be possible. 

Order today and receive your  non-slip stair tape within 1-2 days!


  • The strip doesn't feel sharp on your feet and is very childfriendly.
  • This non-slip tape doesn't curl on the edges.
  • Easy to clean for a beautiful look.
  • The material doesn't discolour.
  • Attaches securely to any paint or finish, even on oiled wood like mono coating.