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Antislip brown

The adhesive strip is made out of a unique kind of PVC, that gives it its roughness. The model of the strip also provides a good grip for your socks to prefend you from...
You can easily create a new fresh safe stairs with our non-slip adhesive tape. This strip is designed for stairs and will last and stay beautiful for years. Because the strip has a glue layer on the...

Anti-slip tape stairs brown

Our anti-slip is not only suitable for the home staircase. Every house also has a household staircase that you use for all kinds of chores in and around the house. Many of these stairs are made of aluminum. The stair treads usually have a groove to ensure anti-slip, but these steps can become very slippery when damp.

This anti-slip tape has the quality of a strip, is super strong and thick and provided with grooves so that the grip remains good in case of moisture. The back of this strip has a very strong adhesive layer that can take a beating, and which is also moisture resistant, making it very suitable for use on this type of household stairs. Look here at the great results when you apply a brown anti-slip tape staircase.

The tape is available in 10 RAL colors and in lengths of 5 and 15 meters. If you also want to give your household stairs safety, there are different types of strips from various brands in many different price ranges. Many of these strips resemble sandpaper, tear thin quickly and shift easily. This anti-slip tape does not have this, it is not cheap but very good.

The tape is easy to apply by anyone, you don't have to be super handy for this. On our assembly video page you can see how easy it is to apply the anti-slip strip, how you can provide the strip with a round side, for example, or maybe you want to make the strip a bit narrower. There is also a tool for that, for example to cut the strip in half.

Order today and receive your  non-slip stair tape within 1-2 days!


  • Gallery stairs.
  • Hospitality stairs.
  • House stairs of wood and stone.
  • Food sector.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Changing rooms.
  • Shower areas.
  • Sauna areas.