antislip chocolate brown

Make your old stairs safe and beautiful again? Then buy the chocolate brown self-adhesive anti-slip rubber!

Non-slip rubber stair strip chocolate brown

In the Netherlands we have quite a lot of steep stairs. For the safety of walking on your stairs, you can cover it with a carpet, or provide the steps with crescents. A good and affordable alternative to this is this anti-slip rubber tape, easy to apply and easy to keep clean. This anti-slip tape is strong and lasts much longer than traditional anti-slip products.

See what a beautiful result you can create with a painted staircase and the non-slip rubber strip tape. All colors have a Ralcode, here the paint is easy to mix and the anti-slip rubber strip tape has the exact color of the paint.
Stair painting is nice and sleek and completely in. Read our tips here to paint your stairs beautifully again!
The anti-slip rubber strip tape is ideal for giving hard surfaces a safe anti-slip, such as wooden and stone steps, and can be easily applied by anyone without technical knowledge or tools with a few handy mounting means.

On our mounting video page you can see how easy you can apply the anti-slip strip, how the strip can be provided with a round side or perhaps you want to make the strip a bit narrower.

Order online and delivered within 1-2 days.


  • Gallery stairs.

  • House stairs wood and stone.

  • Food sector.

  • Swimming pools.

  • Changing rooms.

  • Shower areas.

  • Sauna areas.


  • Does not feel sharp on the feet and is very child friendly.
  • Does not curl up on the sides.
  • Easy to clean, for a beautiful appearance.
  • The material does not discolour.
  • Adheres well to any paint or lacquer finish, even to oiled wood such as monocoating.
  • The strip is slightly water resistant.