Antislip Antracit

A safe stairs is easily fixed with this antislip rubber strip!

Antislip adhesive stair tape

Normally old stairs are carpeted with a soft floor. Imagine you have this and want something else? Maybe the carpet has been on there for years and it is old and dirty and really needs to be replaced. Maybe you have been thinking of painting your stairs in a nice fancy color to give it a totally new look. Most people forget, that, after the stairs has a fresh layer of paint, it can be very slippery. Of course the paint needs to dry for a couple of days, but after that you will notice that if you only wear socks the treads can be quiet slippery.

At the moment you see a lot of trends in painting the stairs or covering part of the stairs with a cool print wallpaper. When you paint the stairs you could think of the kind of tape that has been used most of the times. It looks a bit like sand paper and as you might know it is very sharp and not pleasant at all to walk on with bare feet. The quality of this product is not the best either.

Most of the times after a while the ridges will come lose and this will make the situation even worse. Also if you are fed up with the tape and want to get rid of it, it will damage your stairs all over again. Are you seriously thinking about painting your stairs? We give you some tips to paint your stairs in a perfect way!

Our non-slip rubber adhesive tape is the best solution to create a safe and secure stairs, to prevent slipping or hurting yourself by falling. Easy to apply on the treads. Basically it is so easy everyone can do it! You don't need to have years of experience in around the house jobs or renovating. It is very easy to fix and no need for technical knowledge or special tools. 

Order it online and receive your adhesive strips within 1-2 days! 


  • Doesn't feel sharp on your feet and the strip is very childfriendly.
  • Doesn't curl up around the edges.
  • This strip is very easy to clean.
  • The material doesn't discolour.
  • Securely attaches to any paint or finish, even on oiled wood like mono coating.