Antislip anthracite

Stair strips in the color anthracite for a vintage look

Want to give your stairs a Vintage look? Paint it with a chalk paint! Do you have an interior style Shabby Chic, or are you going to adjust your house style? Then painting your stairs with various layers of chalk paint is great fun to create the vintage look for your stairs.

If you also want a safe staircase, you must also provide the painted staircase with a stair profile or anti-slip strips, because the painted surface will feel too smooth. See what a beautiful result you can create with a painted staircase and these stair strips.

An ideal way to give hard surfaces a safe anti-slip, such as painted and wooden stairs. The strips are an excellent solution and can be easily applied by anyone without technical knowledge with a few handy tools.

On our assembly video page you can see how easy it is to apply the anti-slip stair strips, how you can provide the strips with a round side, for example, or you may want to make the stair strips a bit narrower. There is also a tool for that, for example to cut the strip in half.

All colors of the stair strips have a ral code, the paint can easily be mixed at the paint store here, so that the strip tape has the exact color of the paint. Painting the stairs is really completely of this time. Read our tips to paint or refurbish your stairs!

Order online and receive your adhesive strips within 1-2 days! 


  • Gallery stairs.
  • Hospitality stairs.
  • House stairs of wood and stone.
  • Food sector.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Changing rooms.
  • Shower areas.
  • Sauna areas.