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With these tools specifically chosen for the anti-slip strip, you can provide the stair strip with beautiful round ends. You can also decide to make the strip narrower with a cutter, for example in the middle so that you get a strip of 14mm width and you thus save considerably on your purchase price. View our assembly video to see how you can use these our tools.

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If you are gonna cut the antislip rubber, it is important that you do have some sort of experience with handy - tasks like these. You have to be very alert while using it because the blades are very...
If you want to create round ends on your new antislip strip, it is important that when you use the tool, you use a proper hard not springy surface. Applicability: Very suitable to make...
Use these alcohol cloths to create an optimal attachment of the strip to its surface. Always try out to clean a small piece of your surface, to see if it doesn't effect the paint layer, some...
For the best attachment result, it is important to properly press the antislip strip onto the surface of your stairs. With this tool you will be able to give a good pressure onto the strip, that will...
This markingtape is a very simple and easy tool to measure the exact size of antislip strip that you need for your threads. First you apply the markingtape on your stair thread, so you have the exact...

Non-slip rubber tape with round edges at the ends

If you want to keep the strip back from the edges, it is nice to provide the ends with a half-round edge. With the help of a metal cutter, you use a hammer to hit a semicircular side at the ends. Easy to do even if you are not super handy.

Press anti-slip well using a roller

You achieve the best result by pressing the self-adhesive trip with a pressure roller. If you are going to apply the strip, then it is good to process the strip at room temperature, the strip is a lot smoother and you can easily press on.

Use alcohol wipes for a clean and grease-free surface

To be sure that the surface is clean and free of grease, use some alcohol or these special alcohol cleaning wipes. A set is sufficient for a complete staircase, after cleaning, allow the steps to dry for 10 minutes and then apply the strip. Try to touch the adhesive layer with your hands as little as possible.