Tools for applying a non-slip strip, cutting narrow strips, punching round edges, sticking straight lines.

With the tools specially for the anti-slip strip, you can provide the stair strip  for example, half round ends, you can also make the strip narrower with a cutter, for example in the middle so that you get a strip of 14mm width and you thus save considerably on your price. View our assembly video page to see how you can use these tools.

Non-slip rubber tape with round edges at the ends

If you want to hold the strip back from the edges, it is nice to provide the ends with a half-round edge. With the help of a metal cutter, you use a hammer to hit a semicircular side at the ends. Easy to do even if you are not super handy.

Press anti-slip well using a roller

You achieve the best result by pressing the self-adhesive trip with a pressure roller. If you are going to apply the strip, then it is good to process the strip at room temperature, the strip is a lot smoother and you can easily press on

Use alcohol wipes for a clean and grease-free surface

To be sure that the surface is clean and free of grease, use some alcohol or these special alcohol cleaning wipes. A set is sufficient for a complete staircase, after cleaning, allow the steps to dry for 10 minutes and then apply the strip. Try to touch the adhesive layer with your hands as little as possible.