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Marking tape antislip

Item No.: 2001TA

Marking tape is very useful for cutting the exact length of the anti-slip tape. The marking tape can be used to create a simple stencil so you can cut the exact length of non-slip stair tape and at the right angle so the length fits exactly to the treads. See our application video and get a better image of what we are talking about. 


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This markingtape is a very simple and easy tool to measure the exact size of antislip strip that you need for your threads. First you apply the markingtape on your stair thread, so you have the exact length that you need. Then you can apply the markingtape onto the antislip tape and cut it in exactly that size.

This tape doesn't leave any marks.

Technical information

  • Material: Wasi crèpe paper.
  • Length: 50 meters.
  • Width: 25mm.
  • Low adhesive force, so easy to remove.

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