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Marking tape antislip

Item No.: 2001TA

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HPX 4800 Purple Masking Tape: the best choice for vulnerable surfaces

HPX 4800 Purple Masking Tape is a high-quality masking tape with low adhesive strength for vulnerable surfaces and materials. This tape has been declared the best masking tape for painted surfaces.

Benefits of HPX 4800 Purple Masking Tape

  • Low adhesive force: This tape does not damage vulnerable surfaces and materials.
  • Good adhesion: This tape adheres well to all surfaces and materials.
  • Adhesive Residue Free: This tape leaves no adhesive residue after removal.


HPX 4800 Purple Masking Tape is suitable for a wide range of applications, including making a length mold if you want the anti-slip stair strip to fit exactly between the sides (see our installation video)

The masking tape is thin and strong and adheres very well to the anti-slip stair strip. The masking tape is easy to apply to the anti-slip strip and when removed, no adhesive residue is left on the strip.


  • Width: 25mm
  • Length: 25 meters (Small roll)
  • Adhesive strength: Low adhesive strength
  • Material: Washi Paper with acrylic glue
  • Color: Purple

Technical information

  • Material: Wasi crèpe paper.
  • Length: 50 meters.
  • Width: 25mm.
  • Low adhesive force, so easy to remove.

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