The non-slip stair adhesive strip is packaged in rolls of 5 and 15 meters and comes in 8 modern colors.

The anti-slip adhesive strip is supplied on a roll of 5 and 15 meters. Each package comes with detailed assembly instructions on how to apply the non-slip adhesive strip. Do you want to make a half round edge at the ends? Or do you want to cut the strip in the middle so that you get 2 strips of 14 mm, then also see how the cutter works and take a look at our video page where we explain this in a video and do it for.

This anti-slip strip has been produced sustainably

Unlike many rubber and rubber-like products, this product is much more durable. The material is made of a PVC and an elastomer in a special composition. This makes the product very strong and wears very slowly even with intensive use. This strip is supplied with a 2 year 100% guarantee. The material is recyclable unlike many other rubber products

The self-adhesive adhesive layer on this strip meets all requirements

The adhesive layer applied to this strip is from the Tesa brand. The glue has been specially developed for optimum adhesive strength and shear strength. The glue is resistant to moisture so that the strip can also be used in wet environments. Read more about the technical properties of the glue here.