Antislip stair strip

Are you completely done with your slippery staircase?

We understand that very well! How often do you use the stairs to get something from the bedroom or to quickly do some laundry in the attic, perhaps some times you almost trip of fall.. How can you solve this problem now? You consult the google search engine and eventually arrive at this page. Before you decide to buy something, it is good to think about a few things.

Are you looking for a permanent or temporary solution?

Do I want a permanent solution or one that is temporary? Because there are stair strips that you have to mill into the stair step (a groove must then be made in the stair step) and there are anti-slip tapes on rolls that you have to stick.

How much money do you have for it?  

It is important how much money you have left, a milled stair strip is final, a groove is then made in the stair step by the stair maker. You understand that will quickly cost you a few hundred euros. And if you have a rental house, this is not a good investment. In contrast to a tape that can be removed again without causing damage to your stairs, but also costs a fraction of a milling strip.

What else is involved?

A non-slip stair strip is definitely a good start. In combination with a wall railing you have created the very best safety. Handrails should be standard in a rented house, if not, consult the landlord. When you buy a house, you have to take care of this yourself. There are several online stair shops where you can buy a wall railing. We sell a tape that has the strength and quality of a strip and that you can stick.

The tape is available in 10 modern colors and in lengths of 5 and 15 meters, but also as complete sets, and do it yourself sets, so that the right length can be put together for every staircase. If you are not sure whether a self-adhesive anti-slip is the right solution for your stairs, read our page with the frequently asked questions.

Anti-slip stair strip is sustainably produced with a 2 year 100% warranty!

In contrast to many rubber and rubber-like products, this product is durable and is produced under ISO in the Netherlands. The material is made of a PVC and an elastomer in a special composition. This makes the product strong and wears slowly, even with intensive use. This strip comes with a 2 year 100% warranty. The material is recyclable and has a green edge. With normal use, we expect the non-slip stair strip to last for 10 years. The self-adhesive adhesive layer on this non-slip stair strip meets all requirements.

We regularly receive questions about the adhesive layer, especially the questions that the edges do not let go, and the strip does adhere well to a painted surface. The adhesive layer applied to this anti-slip strip is from the Tesa 51970 brand. The adhesive has been specially developed for optimum adhesive strength and shear strength. The adhesive is resistant to moisture, which means that the strip can also be used in humid environments. With this glue layer, the edges do not come off and the adhesion is excellent, you can also immediately walk up the stairs again. The adhesive has reached its final strength after 24 hours. Read more about the technical properties of the adhesive.