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Complete sets

The antislip strip complete sets contain everything that you need to create a safe stairs. The set includes the PVC rubber strip in choosen color,  alcohol wipes, a special application tool-tape for a straight line and roll-on presser. 

If you prefer to compile your antislip package yourself, view the individual antislip products.

If you buy a complete set then you have the right tools to apply the strip in a nice straight line, you can use the tape to make a length mold so that the strip fits exactly between the...
A complete set includes a pressure roller with which you press the stair strip firmly onto the surface. You can walk directly up the stairs. If you use the strip in a damp environment, the adhesive...
This complete set also comes with alcohol wipes. You use the alcohol wipes to degrease the surface. As a result, the adhesive layer will adhere much better to the substrate. The adhesive layer of the...
The anti-slip strip as a set comes with a roll of crepe tape. With this you can easily mark the place where you want to apply the strip on your stair step, so you immediately have a template for...
A non-slip stair profile often has grooves on the surface, this is to ensure that you have an optimal grip, even with damp feet. This strip is also provided with these grooves so that you can use the...
A complete set includes all the tools to skillfully glue the strip. With the alcohol wipes you degrease the place where the strip is to be stuck. You can walk directly up the stairs. If you use the...
This non-slip stair profile is a good alternative as a replacement for your worn-out stair moons. The big advantage of this strip is that it is very easy to clean, but they also remain beautiful for...
Safety when climbing stairs is very important, even when you get older and start to experience problems with your balance. Of course, a banister is a first requirement, but the smoothness of the step...
This self-adhesive stair strip is very easy to apply, even if you are not very handy. It is important to measure properly and cut to the correct length, then degrease the surface well. The complete...
One set has a pressure roller, with which you press the stair strip firmly onto the surface. You can immediately walk up the stairs afterwards. If you use the strip in a damp environment, the...

Buy the anti-slip as a complete set?

If you want to be sure that you are buying the right materials for the very best result, then a complete set is a good option, it contains everything you need to provide one step with a safe strip on every step. The complete set consists of a roller, cleaning alcohol wipes and a roll of tape to use to achieve the correct length for each strip. Look here for how you can do this.

Putting together a starter package is easy

A start package can very well help you to buy the right products such as tools and other aids, if you need more than 15 meters because you want to apply 2 strips per step, for example, you can easily supplement your start package with a roll of 5 meter anti-slip strip.