Complete sets

The antislip strip complete sets contain everything that you need to create a safe stairs. The set includes the PVC rubber strip in choosen color,  alcohol wipes, a special application tool-tape for a straight line and roll-on presser. 

If you prefer to compile your antislip package yourself, view the individual antislip products.

Buy the anti-slip as a complete set?

If you want to be sure that you are buying the right materials for the very best result, then a complete set is a good option, it contains everything you need to provide one step with a safe strip on every step. The complete set consists of a roller, cleaning alcohol wipes and a roll of tape to use to achieve the correct length for each strip. Look here for how you can do this.

Putting together a starter package is easy

A start package can very well help you to buy the right products such as tools and other aids, if you need more than 15 meters because you want to apply 2 strips per step, for example, you can easily supplement your start package with a roll of 5 meter anti-slip strip.