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Anti slip tape application instruction

How easy is it to apply this anti slip stair tread tape? Very easy! This anti slip adhesive strip can easily be applied on the threads by yourself, basically anyone can do it. You don't need any do-it-yourself experience.

We tried to explain it below as easy as possible. Within 5 simple steps your stairs will be safe again. You can do this in no time and prevent yourself and your family of getting hurt or getting into an accident. 

Don't feel like reading? You could also check out the video below.



Step 1: With a pencil mark the treads with a couple of pencil lines, about 2,5cm from the front side.

Step 2: Along these pencil lines, put a string of markingtape and press it on the treads in the corners. In these corners, with a sharp knife cut the tape so you have exactly the size of the treads.

Step 3With a bit of attention you pull the tape of the treads and stick it on a piece of non-slip adhesive stair tape. Cut the edges of the strip, exactly where the tape finishes. This way the non-slip tape has the same length as the markingtape. Now pull the tape of the strip. 

Step 4: Clean your stair treads properly with the right alcohol to make sure they are clean and dust/fat free. At the back of the strip there is a thin layer of paper, pull it on one outside so it shows the sticky glue side. Start with pushing the strip onto the treads in one corner. Little by little you remove the protective film and gently paste the strip onto the treads. When you do this, don't forget about the pencil lines you made at step one, to make sure the strip ends up on the right place on the tread.

Step 5: Make sure the anti slip self adhesive strip is pressed onto the stair steps firmly enough, by using a press-roller. This way you can put a lot of strength on pressing, to make sure it is very well attached to the tread and will not get loose.

If you want to know more about the strip matching the material of your stairs, read the application tips as well.

This is how easy it can be! In no-time your stairs perfectly safe and secure! What are you waiting for? Choose a safe stairs for you and your loved once and order your anti slip adhesive strip online today!