Antislip concrete grey

Anti-slip stair strip concrete grey

The residential staircase in a rental house is usually made of a cheap type of wood such as spruce. The stairs were therefore often covered with a carpet or fitted with a stair carpet. In recent years, people increasingly want hard materials such as stairs renovation or painted stairs. Nice and easy to clean and perfect against dust allergies, many people suffer from this and the carpet on the stairs is a real hotbed and can cause these problems. Do you want to tackle this job and give your stairs a sleeker look?

Painting in a color paint is a good and affordable solution. Read our tips to paint your stairs beautifully again! Do not forget about the smoothness of the surface. The non-slip stair strip is ideal for giving hard surfaces a secure grip, such as wooden painted stair treads.

Easy to install by anyone with a few handy mounting tools. Check out our photo album what a beautiful result you can create with a painted staircase and the non-slip concrete gray stair strip.

All colors have a Ralcode, the paint is easy to mix and the anti-slip rubber strip tape has the exact color of the paint.

On the assembly video page you can see how easily you can apply the anti-slip strip, how you can provide the strip with a round side, or how you can make the strip a bit narrower.

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  • Gallery stairs.
  • Hospitality stairs.
  • House stairs of wood and stone.
  • Food sector.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Changing rooms.
  • Shower areas.
  • Sauna areas.