Anti-slip colors of Anti-slip rubber tape

The non-slip colors that you use in the design of your home are very personal and colors still give a certain atmosphere to the environment where you feel comfortable. The staircases and corridors in the Dutch homes are often not that big, so lighter colors are often used in the hall where the stairs are. You get the best effect with a good contrast color for the anti-slip strip that is also complementary to the colors of your staircase & hallway.

The self-adhesive anti-slip stair strips are produced under ISO 9001 quality, which means that the colors are always constant and provided with a RAL color code. If you want the anti-slip tape and the stairs to be in exactly the same color, then let the paint mix in this Ral code.


Non-slip rubber tape signal black - Color RAL code 9004

The traditional color black is still widely used as a contrast color with light colors such as white and light gray. The industrial look is also a trend at the moment and the color black fits very well with that. Or paint your stairs in cool white & bring it to life with a rubber strip in black. 


Non-slip rubber tape anthracite - Color RAL code 7021

The color anthracite is fairly new, so if you find black too hard in terms of color in your interior, then choose the anthracite color! This is just a touch lighter than the black color and is a bit more neutral in appearance. This also fits perfectly with both a modern interior, but also a neutral design is great for this beautiful deep color anthracier gray!


Non-slip rubber tape concrete cement gray - Color Ral code 7023

Concrete and cement colors are completely up-to-date and fit perfectly with various interior styles. The color has a blue-gray appearance that fits perfectly, for example if you have given the wall a concrete look to the hall. This color is a bit darker and less bluish than our standard gray, and is therefore a perfect alternative to stairs in concrete look or dark gray.


Non-slip rubber tape gray - Color RAL code 7046

This anti-slip in the gray color is used a lot in combination with a painted staircase in different colors. The color is very neutral and fits very well with many different colors such as white, dark brown, even an excellence such as pink or orange is possible! Gray is a color that actually fits any color as an accent color.


Non-slip rubber tape chocolate brown - Color Ral code 8017

The color brown makes a real comeback and is a keeper for the next 30 years. Less heavy than black and also considerably warmer than the cool black, according to trend watcher Lidewij Edelkoort. Certainly if you omit accent colors and opt for only brown in all its shades.

By working with few patterns and by using many solid materials, the structure and drawing are emphasized. In other words: the refinement of the designs. This very dark brown color of pure chocolate is a beautiful color to use as a contrast color if you give the stairs a lighter tan and off-white a vintage look.


Non-slip rubber tape rust brown - Color Ral code 8011

The rust-brown color is the best fitting color for real wooden steps, or a laminate step that has a good real wood effect. For example, think of hardwood steps made of Iroko wood. The vintage style, the old-made interior and damaged / sanded wood is also a great match for this beautiful color that we have had in our range since February 2020. The strip has a very good adhesive layer and also sticks very well to light sanded wood.


Non-slip rubber tape sand beige - Color Ral code 1002

With the colors beige you can go in many different directions. Thanks to the calm and natural appearance of this color, you can combine it with a bold accent color, for example. Or a light wood natural colored staircase in combination with a sand beige colored anti-slip strip.
Choose the color that you like and combine different elements with each other. Also accent colors and materials that come in
the same color group fits perfectly in this new trend. Think of gold, brass and bronze. Such details can easily be incorporated into your interior with beautiful home accessories, such as plant pots, vases and bowls. The sand beige color fits very nicely with natural tones such as oak scaffolding wood tinted brown, natural colored stair treads, or a renovation transfer step in oak hues.


Non-slip rubber tape signal white - Color RAL code 9003

The anti-slip tape in the color white is still widely used, with its off-white color it fits perfectly with any interior and can be combined with other accent colors. You also see the Pop-art trend coming back more and more, think of black steps with white rubber tape on it, super beautiful!