Antislip grey

Stairs anti-slip grey

A child-friendly staircase, how great would that be? You regularly tell your children to be careful, and for a while that works. Yet it is an illusion to think that you can create a 100% safe staircase, but a good start is a solid wall railing and a strong effective anti-slip on your steps.

This anti-slip stair strip is ideal for this. The thickness and composition of the anti-slip strips provide perfect safety even on socks and bare feet.

There are various paint systems to paint the stairs, get advice from the local paint specialist. In addition, use a durable stair with non-slip grey that you can stick, or an anti-slip strip with a recessed profile. If you opt for this milling profile, have the carpenter mill the groove in the steps first and then paint the stairs. Read a few more tips for this in the blog: More explanation about painting your stairs.

On our assembly video page you can see how easy it is to apply the strip, for example how you can provide it with a round side.

Order it online and receive your adhesive strips within 1-2 days! 


  • Gallery stairs.
  • Hospitality stairs.
  • House stairs of wood and stone.
  • Food sector.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Changing rooms.
  • Shower areas.
  • Sauna areas.