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Round end set

If you are a bit handy and patient, you can save a lot on your purchase. With these do-it-yourself sets you can make the stair strip the perfect length and provide the strip with nice round ends. You don't have to be super technical to do this. It is important that you measure accurately and clearly mark the line on the strip, you must have a heavy hammer and a good solid surface.

With the semicircular hammer you make a beautiful round curve. Something that is very difficult with scissors because the strip is 1.8 mm thick and with standard kitchen scissors this is not so easy. Check out the assembly page to see if you can do this job yourself. The do-it-yourself set comes complete with the hammer, a pressure roller and cleaning cloths for degreasing.

A do it yourself set is for making round ends on the anti-slip strip. With the sledgehammer and a good heavy hammer, you quickly make an exact round edge. Make sure you have a good hard non-resilient...
This set is composed in such a way that you can make shorter strips of the anti-slip strip. The set includes a special iron for making rounded edges at the ends, the roller is for pressing the stair...
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If you buy this set, you have all the materials and tools to properly apply the anti-slip tape. Especially the roller to properly press the strip is indispensable. Sometimes a small air bubble may...