Non-slip rubber strip is the very best solution to make your stairs safe again. The strip is self-adhesive, super strong and of a superior quality, so for years of enjoyment, the strip is also easy to apply yourself by everyone.

Anti-slip rubber tape has been developed in collaboration with TU Delft.

We are the inventors and developers of this anti-slip tape together with TU Delft. In the meantime, we have been around for many years and we have made quite some slippery, dangerous stairs in homes, shops and galleries safe again.

This anti-slip tape has a very high durability

We are becoming increasingly aware that we are better off with a higher durability of products, usually these products are more expensive, but they last longer. Non-slip rubber tape is such a sustainable product. The strip is produced in the Netherlands under strict standard and comes with a 2-year 100% guarantee on wear and construction and, not unimportantly, also has a green edge.

The range is complete and suitable for most stairs

The range is complete, the stair strip is on rolls of 5 and 15 meters, with which you can put together the right amount for your stair. Do you want to provide the stair strip with a round end, or do you want to make the anti-slip tape narrower, you can do this very well with the special tool. If you want a 100% result, choose a complete set. Or simply put together your own start package with the individual parts.

 You can buy the anti-slip online

You can order all products quickly and easily online with us. A big advantage if you order from us is:

- free shipping above 50 euros
- delivered within 1-2 days
- 2 years a 100% guarantee on wear and adhesion

Apply non-slip trap tape

The anti-slip tape is suitable for most stairs, if the surface is hard and the surface is clean and degreased, then this strip adheres very well through the adhesive layer. The strip hardly abrases due to the composition of the material, which consists of a PVC / elastomer. The adhesive layer is resistant to moisture and is therefore also suitable for, for example, store stairs or stairs and steps in damp areas.

How do you apply these and should you not be handy for this?

Not sure whether you can apply this anti-slip stair strip? Then take a look at our montage video on youtube, it is really not difficult, most people can do this themselves even if you are not that handy, your stairs will be safe again in a few hours.

Does the color match my staircase?

Are you in doubt about the color or do you want to know if the color fits into your interior? We understand that very well, request a sample card with examples here. We will send this to you for free without any obligation.