Non-slip rubber strip is the very best solution to make your stairs safe again. The strip is self-adhesive, super strong and of a superior quality, so for years of enjoyment, the strip is also easy to apply yourself by everyone.

The anti slip stair tape is adhesive and therefore the best security for your stair treads. This product is very easy to apply, no technical background or experience needed. Everyone can do it. The anti slip adhesive tape is available in 5 beautiful RAL colors

Maybe your stairs is very narrow and the treads are very steep. In this case it is a good idea to consider a product that adds more safety to your stairs situation. This anti slip strip is the perfect solution. The strip, or as people sometimes call it, the tape, is made of special sustainable PVC rubber which will provide years of security. The tape is provided with a special layer of adhesive glue and that is why it is very easy to apply.

This non-slip stair treads strip is specially developed for indoor stairs, but it is also possible to apply the tape on ladders, loft stairs or maybe even a totally different home area such as a badroom. Any place where there are slippery areas it can be applied. Because of the special adhesive gluelayer the strip is suitable for most surfaces, even marble or concrete stone. The great quality makes this product last for a lifetime and guarantees a long service life. The non-slip rubber strips are available in 5 trendy colors including a white color in the frequently used RAL color 9003.   Are you curious about this amazing product? Check out our application instruction video​ and see for yourself how easy it is to apply this strip in your own home.