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Want to make your stairs anti-slip? This is the solution!

"The antislip tape with grooves" 

​Strong, durable and easy to assemble.

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antislip stair strips 15 and 5 meters length

Anti slip stair strips

anti slip stair strips complete sets

Stair strips complete sets

antislip stair tape application tools

Application tools for antislip tape

Comfortable material - Suitable for all stairs

Anti-slip stair strips are suitable for all stairs, including painted, varnished or natural stone steps. They have a powerful adhesive layer and strong adhesion and are equipped with anti-slip grooves. So no sandpaper! 

Applying anti-slip stair strip is not difficult

Anyone can install this stair strip, even if you are not very handy. Anti-slip rubber tape has been specially developed for stairs and can be applied in just a few hours. We will of course also send an online manual with your order, with step-by-step instructions.

The best size anti-slip catch strip

The anti-slip tape is wide and strong and gives a good anti-slip result. It is made of a durable material with high abrasion resistance, and does not shift, tear or chafe on feet and socks.

This anti-slip tape has the quality of an anti-slip strip

This anti-slip tape has a unique structure with anti-slip grooves. These grooves provide a good grip, even when you are wearing socks. The thickness of the material (2 mm) and the composition (PVC) ensure that the tape is very durable and invisible.


Fast delivery. Good quality product

From ordering samples to actually sticking them, everything went perfectly. The steps were first cleaned with alcohol and then glued. I am very content.

Quick service & great quality

We bought the anti-slip tape to stick on the stairs and received it very quickly. There were clear instructions, the tapes stuck well and were easy to apply.

Very easy to apply on the stairs

I chose the pearl copper color for my slippery stair steps. The result is great! I gave the anti-slip stair strip round corners with the punch that I ordered.

Product with excellent adhesive strength

I also bought this anti-slip stair strip 6 years ago. This was still in place and still looked nice. We moved to another house. A good solution that I would like to recommend to everyone.

Fast delivery of the stair strip

It was not difficult to apply the tape. It included extensive instructions for use. The house has become a bit safer when it comes to walking on the stairs and the whole thing also looks nice.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose this anti-slip strip?

The self-adhesive anti-slip strip is durable, suitable for any staircase and can be applied by anyone without damaging your stairs, it is recyclable and the stair strip is a purely Dutch product that is produced under strict ISO standards, with a 2-year 100% warranty on wear and construction.

Can I apply the self-adhesive anti-slip rubber stair strip myself?

The anti-slip stair strip is easy to apply and you don't really have to be very handy to do this. Always ensure that the surface is clean and free of grease. Read our detailed installation instructions for more information.

Can I make round corners on the strip?

Using our tool, the round edge punch and a hammer from your own toolbox, you can create round corners on the strip yourself.


Developed in collaboration with TU Delft

We are the inventors and developer together with TU Delft of this self-adhesive anti-slip stair strip.

Our anti-slip rubbers are recyclable

The anti-slip stair strip is a purely Dutch product and is produced under strict ISO standards and, importantly, also has a green edge.

We offer a warranty on wear and construction

Anti-slip stair strips come with a 2-year 100% warranty on wear and tear and construction.

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