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Oops, you almost fell down the stairs?

Oops, you almost fell down the stairs?

How many times have you almost slipped on those slippery and steep stairs?

You quickly go upstairs to grab something you had forgotten, as hastily as you are, with your thoughts somewhere else and you almost slip on something on the steps. Wow, that goes just fine, luckily you grab the banister in time.

You have been annoyed by those slippery stairs for some time now and someone has almost slipped several times, just imagine if someone actually falls down your stairs, what a misery this can cause. Look at Timo here, luckily it ended well this time.

Every time you decide to do something about it, you search on the internet and look in the hardware store, but there are so many options that you get stressed about choosing and you keep putting it off.

There are stair moons for sale, you can install an angle profile, invite the professional who will make a groove in your stair steps for an anti-slip strip. There are all kinds of sandpaper-like tapes for sale in many qualities, there is even a non-slip paint that you can apply to your stair treads to give your stairs a non-slip effect.

And then we're not even talking about all the color choices available and whether it fits in with your interior, or whether it provides good anti-slip, is durable or is easy to clean. These are all a lot of questions to which you don't have a direct answer.

Fortunately, there is a solution for your stairs!

How nice it would be to remove all those doubts and questions and have no more fear.

That there will be no more falls, what a reassurance that would be! But also that it answers all your questions. It may not be the most ideal choice for you, but it will quickly provide you with a good and safe staircase!

You can easily solve the problem within a few days, in the color that matches your interior and is suitable for your stairs.

Suitable for any staircase All types of stairs with a hard surface such as varnished or painted stairs, stone stairs, metal stairs, plastic renovation stair steps.

Young and old can climb stairs safely again. Even small children's feet have a good anti-slip effect and do not feel sharp, thanks to the "unique anti-slip grooves"

Quickly and easily arranged. We deliver to your home within 2 days with PostNL or DHL, often in a letterbox box, so you don't have to stay at home.

Anyone can apply it. In the webshop we have an installation video with a few useful tips, but you can also download a manual on the article page.

10 modern colors The commonly used colors black and gray actually suit every staircase, but also a beautiful cream color for a classic look, or the anthracite color for an industrial style.

Durable and Strong Dutch Quality If you want to be sure, convince yourself with a free sample color card. All colors have a RAL code so that you can easily have the paint color of your stairs copied.

Anti-slip rubber tape was specially developed in 2013 for stairs in the home, the composition of the material ensures very strong quality, the warranty quality mark gives you a 2-year 100% guarantee on wear and construction.

Money back guarantee If the trip is disappointing or you are still unsure, think about it for a moment. You have 90 days to return the product to us. Most people still choose our quality.



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