A one-storey Tiny House also needs a safe staircase!
People are becoming more and more aware, and people are working to live smaller, more in connection with nature, to be self-sufficient and sustainable. A tiny house is completely contemporary and also a very good solution for starters who are looking for a starter home.

With the current turbulent housing market where prices keep rising, the tiny house is a very good addition. Affordable and built quickly. So you would say an ideal solution for young starters. Nevertheless, municipalities are not yet really ready for this type of housing project on a large scale.

If you want to build a tiny house yourself, there are many things that you have to take into account because there are specific laws and regulations for this. You can find these at the organization Tiny house nederland.

If you are going to build a loft in your tiny house, you will also need stairs to get there. Stairs generally take up a lot of space, which is of course not desirable in a tiny house. You do see space-saving stairs or ladders to go to your loft, but unfortunately this still takes up quite a bit of space.

A while ago I saw this beautiful model of folding stairs from the German manufacturer Klapster.

For sale as a do-it-yourself package and in my opinion also reasonably safe to walk on, but a few meters of anti-slip strip was of course quickly bought for this staircase to make it even safer. Another nice thing is that you can pimp the stairs in your own colour.

The stairs are hinged and can easily be folded against the wall. With the help of a strong wall magnet, it is quickly folded away and you have extra living space again, how beautiful is that!

Do you want to know more about finding and orienting about a tiny house, buying a land plot and the model houses?

The website Tini findy has a lot of information about this and what is possible. Enjoy reading!

Blog writer: Dennis v.d. Burg

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