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Give stairs a new coating how do you do that?

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Painting your stairs with a special effect

Paiting your stairs with special effect paintingtechniques  Would you like to give your stairs a special look? There are a lot of different paintingtechniques that you could apply. Of course you could go for a normal carpet, but it is also a nice thing to give yourself a challenge!  Back in the days a lot of specific paint techniques were used. In old housed build in the 30s a lot of wooden parts in the house were painted with wood effect. Or a normal concrete wall would be pai...
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Painting your stairs in the perfect way

Painting your stairs in the perfect way  Painting a stairs is not that difficult, yet it does cost you a lot of time. Keep in mind it will take you at least a week, depending on how much glue has been used to put on the previous carpet. Also, if you need to use the stairs to go up, you mind paint every other stair step to keep a walk way free. Every layer of paint needs to dry properly, also this takes time. The best choice is to take a acrylpaint, because this is a pretty hard paint. ...
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Renovating your unsafe stairs with a budget? We show you the way!

Fixing your stairs for not too much money, that sounds interesting, if you are a bit handy and patient, read here how you can do it yourself!(Update 2022) Would you like to refurbish your stairs for not too much money and paint it nice and tight? This is not really a difficult job and does not have to be very expensive. It is important that you have patience and can work carefully for the best result. I'll explain to you here how to do that job. A real winter job to do yourself! ____...
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Finish your stairs with a perfect concrete look

Do you want to give your wooden stairs a concrete look? That's very possible! Do you have a wooden staircase in your house and do you want to give it a concrete look? Making your stairs look like concrete is the trend of the moment. The gray somewhat cloudy colors fit very well with an industrial interior. Painting the stairs in concrete paint is quite a job, you have to sand off all the old glue layers, fill the cracks and put it back in the primer again, a job that will keep you busy ...
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White painted stairs

Painting your stairs in trendy white or concrete look is total cool these days Soft carpet on your stairs, like they used to do in the old days, is totally out of trend. These days the stairs need to look smooth and in trendy colors such as white or grey, such as the Jan des Bouvrie style. Also very fashionable is a concrete look for your stairs. Most people get inspiration by watching renovation and lifestyle programs on television. Last year at the Dutch television show RTL...
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Paint advice for your stairs

Do you have old carpet on your stairs and do you want a change?  You could decide to let a professional remove the old carpet for you and replace it with a new one. Within one day your stairs will look as new so this is a super fast solution. But, there are also a couple of downsides to consider, using stair carpet. The part where you place your feet on will  You could decide to let a professional remove the old carpet for you and replace it with a new one. Within one day your s...
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Product 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result: 1