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Re-upholster stairs why would you do that

Have you just got a new house, oh you are so happy with it, finally that house you wanted, how you are going to furnish it is already completely in your head, the kitchen, the bathroom, the layout of the rooms, everything will get a refurbishment turn, only the stairs and the hall you are not out yet. Do you recognize this thought, yes that is not surprising because for many people who move into a new house, the stairs are often the setting post. Usually there is no budget and the stairs and...
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Anti-slip stair tape Frequently asked questions

Over the past 6 years, many questions from consumers about anti-slip rubber tape have been received via e-mail, telephone, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Questions of various kinds such as, what do you mean by 100% guarantee, or I have black stripes on the anti-slip tape, how do I get it off? Many answers can be found on the website, but sometimes it is quite a search. Because we want to be optimally user-friendly with the webshop, we have once again listed the 10 most frequently asked ques...
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Stair Models available on the market

Which models of stairs are often used in the Netherlands Do you want to have a new staircase placed? Then it is good to first delve into which models of stairs are available on the market. From which materials are stairs made and how do prices relate to each other, but also in which situation are they applied. You can distinguish the stairs into 4 groups: - Residential staircases - Store stairs - Gallery stairs - Factory stairs House construction stairs The resi...
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The newest trends concerning Stairs & Living of 2017

Trends in stairs The staircase is changing in terms of model and material. The traditional spruce and hardwood stairs are increasingly making way for stairs with an industrial look. Other materials are used. The stairs become larger, which has the advantage that it is pleasant to walk and that you are less likely to trip from the stairs. The consequence is that you have less living space because such a larger staircase takes up more space that goes away from the living space. The trad...
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Cleaning your stairs is not difficult!

Cleaning your stairs is not that difficult!  Every day you use your stairs and after a while you can also see that! Cleaning your stairs more frequently is a chore that needs to be done several times a week. In this article I would like to share with you some advice on how to do that.  Lukewarm water is preferable Even though the stairs is used very often, cleaning it is not that big of a deal. If you have carpet on your treads, or halfmoon shaped carped, you can e...
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Following the trends for a gorgeous safe stairs

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Cheap & safe ideas for a toddler safe stairs

Affortable ideas for stair safety If you don't have a lot of money to spend on your interior it can be difficult to create safe situations in and around your home. Still there are cheap possibilities, especially for the stairs. This idea I found on pinterest, is just a perfect idea! A second handrail is the best solution when you got young children that need to go up and down the stairs.    Looking at this picture all I want to share with you that you shoul...
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Product 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result: 1