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squeaking stairs? Fix it with a stair screw specially designed!

How to fix a creaky staircase with a special screw and immediately provided with a non-slip strip. Are you planning to refurbish your stairs because it gives a lot of creaking noises, there is now a great product to do this. There is a squat screw that you install locally at the top of the stair step. You do this by drilling a 14mm hole up to the riser. Using an Allen key, turn the squeezing screw in the stair step until you encounter resistance. in this way you remove all slack from the s...
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Loose stair treads

How to fix loose stair treads If you have an old stairs and the stairs is making a lot of sound there is a big chance that the stair treads are a bit loose.  Loose stair treads most of the time are caused by shrunken wood or walls that have moved a bit. If, for example, you have a wooden floor, there is a big possibility that your stairs will make that creaky sound.  When a stairs is places it is totally nailed together and later placed in the stairwell by a stairprofessi...
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Product 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result: 1