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Half stair moons that are worn out? Check the alternatives

Worn out for months on your stairs? What are the alternatives If you have stair moons on your stairs, you know that they are subject to wear. Just like floor coverings, these wear out. You will soon see traces of walking, especially in the running surface. The quality of the moons are very different. You can already buy stair moons from 1.50 per step. You will understand that this is a quality that will not last you very long, the moons are made of polypropylene, so they are also very stati...
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Replace your stair mats and paint your stairs

Replacing your stairmats is something everyone could do! Are you bored with your old stair mats and do you feel like giving your stairs a new fresh look? These mats are pretty easy to remove from the treads, normally they use duplex tape and with a little bit of forse they will be off in no time. If some glue stays left on the treads, this can be easily removed with sticker desolver.  If the residues are like a kit, this needs to be scraped off with for example a paintscraper. Af...
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Non-slip half moon stair carpet is good for a slippery stairs

Replace your half moon stair mats? Good alternatives. There are a lot of half moon stairmats for sale, in different colors, qualities and prices. If you look at the prices they charge you, the difference is huge. For a couple of ten euros or so you can buy a new set, but do these mats provide the best safety for stair use? The stair mat has the shape of half a moon, lets say it is almost half a circle. Most mats have a length of 60cm or shorter. The mats are placed in the middle of...
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Non-slip adhesive strip, the best replacement for carpet stair mats

Got old halfmoon stair mats and need a replacement? Think of a non-slip adhesive strip, best  safety possible! The non-slip adhesive strip is the best solution for your stairs. Create more safety in just a couple of hours. This product is very easy to apply by everyone, so no need for hiring a professional. The strip is very easy to clean and often a cheaper solution then the carpet stairmats.  Half moon stairmats are available in a lot of models, colors and sizes, but al...
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Product 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result: 1