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Climb stairs safely during pregnancy

Climb stairs safely during pregnancy

Climbing stairs during pregnancy, what should you pay attention to?
If you are expecting a baby, you are very busy with all kinds of things such as coming up with a name, decorating the baby room, choosing nice clothes and much more.

There is a lot involved and what you don't think about for a moment is a safe staircase. There are many unsafe stairs in the Netherlands. With many accidents on the stairs every year. When you are pregnant, a lot changes in your body, you also have to deal with pelvic instability, which makes climbing stairs more difficult.


Install stair railing
It is of great importance that you at least make sure that you have a good banister on the side of the wall so that you can hold on to it when climbing stairs and thus minimize the load when climbing stairs. Make sure you have non-slip steps with a good strong anti-slip strip.

Ask your midwife for advice, she can advise you on this, which is the best solution for a safe staircase in your situation.

If you don't have a banister on the wall, look for a supplier on the internet. For example, you can buy many different types of handrails online at Lamiwood stair parts that are even curved in the shape of your stairs. If you are not handy, have the handrails installed and hire a handyman who can arrange this kind of job in a few hours.

Keep in mind that they usually have a delivery time, so don't wait until the last minute. Because in 2023, many handymen are very busy again. Take into account delivery times of 4 to 5 weeks. Can you do a bit of odd jobs or do you have a handy boyfriend or girlfriend, see how to install a stair railing.


A good anti-slip on your stair step
If your steps are also very slippery, steep or shallow, place a non-slip rubber strip tape on each step. Make sure the steps have a non-slip surface. Nowadays you can buy very good adhesive strips, which have been specially developed for narrow and steep stairs and are easy to apply by anyone.


Different anti-slip types in a row
The anti-slip adhesive tapes that you can buy at, for example, the hardware store or Ikea are not really the best quality in terms of strength, they are thin and do not provide much grip. Don't economize on this, better buy a slightly more expensive high-quality durable strip tape. The anti-slip tape must be a few mm thick so that your foot really has a grip when climbing stairs, even if you are wearing socks.

Do you want to know which types of anti-slip strips are available? Then save yourself the search, because I have listed all types, qualities and applications here for you, so that you can make the right choice. Good luck with the family expansion!

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