Do you recognize this? A torn anti-slip tape, it doesn't look very nice does it?
Stairs in the home, but also in stairwells or galleries, are usually provided with an anti-slip tape, as you can see in the photo here.

An anti-slip tape composed of a grit and an epoxy resin (it looks a bit like sandpaper) on the underside of the tape there is a strong adhesive layer and on stone or concrete stairs this is an ideal way to quickly provide an anti-slip on the surface. The anti-slip tape has a good anti-slip effect, is also easy to apply and if the stairs are not often used, the lifespan is also reasonable.

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However, if the stairs are used a lot, for example in shops, or stairways in apartment buildings, this anti-slip tape is not so durable. What is also very annoying about this grain of tape is that everything gets stuck to it. Cat and dog hair, fluff from your socks and cleaning the tape is difficult because of this. If you have an indoor staircase, you should never choose these types of tapes, you will really regret it.

For this kind of situation it is better to place a strip of a PVC rubber. This material is much stronger, wears much less quickly and is more durable in use and most importantly it does not tear and cleaning is a piece of cake.

This strip has a thickness of approximately 2 mm and is provided with grooves, so that good anti-slip remains even in rainy weather or damp shoes. This anti-slip rubber tape has the quality of a strip and is available in 10 colours, so that a solution can be found for every situation.

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Writer of this blog article: Dennis vd Burg



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