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Easy Steppers, an easy tool to go up the stairs

The Easysteppers a handy aid for climbing stairs and much more safety The Easysteppers are an ideal aid to continue living at home longer and to continue to use the stairs. You read it very regularly, we actually want to live at home as long as possible. But what about when you get older or suffer more and more from limitations, such as when climbing stairs. You can then opt for the traditional stairlift. Of course a great solution, but often a very expensive one and not accessible to every...
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Great tools for walking up the stairs

Tools for walking up the stairs with safety In the Netherlands a lot of stairs are pretty steep. The depth of the steps is also not to big and because of that it is not that easy to walk down the stairs. If you want to walk down the stairs often you have to place your feet in a skew way to prevent falling.  It is very important that you take some measures to create a safe situation and prevent any accidents.  On the wallside of the stairs, place a handrail with a size o...
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Product 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result: 1