Cleaning your stairs easily and quickly is not difficult
The stairs are used a lot every day and you can see that over time. Cleaning your stairs regularly is therefore a job that passes several times a week.

Here are some tips on how to handle this. If your floor covering looks like the one in the photo above, cleaning will probably no longer work. The only thing you can do then is remove the carpet, paint your stairs, or have a home upholsterer apply a new stair covering. Are you going to refurbish and paint the stairs yourself? Read this blog article with stair painting tips.

Anyway back to cleaning your stairs, your stairs are usually the eye-catcher of your home, do you get friends or family to visit, when you open the front door they usually look directly at the stairs. Of course you want this to look neat.

So a lot of attention is paid to the stairwell, some choose carpeting on the stairs, others choose a more practical solution by painting or varnishing the stairs.

If you want to turn your hall into a real eye-catcher, choose the super luxurious look for a staircase renovation, in which the old steps are covered with new transfer steps.

If you don't have much budget for this, or because you live in a rented house for example and the investment does not make sense, you can also opt for a new layer of color paint with, for example, stairs moons.

You can also provide the stairs with a stair carpet, or apply an anti-slip rubber strip yourself that you can stick as we sell it, because painted stairs are practical in terms of maintenance and cleaning, but such a layer of paint does make your stairs. slippery, so for safety it is smart to apply something of an anti-slip.

So you see there are quite a few options. Below are my tips on how to clean the stairs easily and properly.

  • Cleaning carpet on stairs
  • Cleaning painted stairs
  • Cleaning a stair renovation staircase

Cleaning carpet on your stairs

1 Water preferably a little lukewarm for the floor covering

Your stairs are used a lot. Fortunately, cleaning your stairs is not a difficult job. A staircase covered with carpet or half moons is easy to clean, first vacuum the dirt from the steps and then clean with a soft (preferably white) lint-free cloth and a little lukewarm water.

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents, because this can only cause more dirt damage. Regularly (e.g. once every 14 days) take down your stairs with this to prevent the treads from getting dirty quickly.

Of course, the color and quality of the carpet also play a role. Do not choose a very light even color, but preferably a mixed one (several colors in each other). A deep-pile carpet often also gives a color difference on the tread of the stairs. Keep this in mind if you decide to install a new covering on your stairs.

2 Freshen up the carpet on your stairs

If you have nasty spots of dirt on the carpet of your stairs, it is better to use a special biological maintenance product that you mix with a little warm water. Also use a lint-free cloth. Do not use soaps because they ensure that your stairs attract dirt, which will only make your stairs dirty even faster.

There are also companies that specialize in this and with a special spray extraction machine. With this, moisture with a cleaning agent is used to clean the stairs in depth. For example, carpet cleaning.nl is a company that has been doing this for years and often with an astonishing result. If wear spots are visible, there is no other option than to apply a new stair covering.

Cleaning a painted staircase

1 Apply a new finish to the varnished steps

If your stairs are very damaged, bare and dirty, it is better to give them a new finish. This is not a really difficult job and can be done by everyone. With a little patience and the right tools you can provide the stairs with a new coat of paint.

It is important that you first degrease the stairs with a degreaser and then sand the stairs. If the wear is not so great, you can sand with a fine grain of 150 and then paint it immediately. If the paint layer of the steps is very worn, it is better to first sand with 100 grit, then apply a first coat of primer and then lightly sand with 150 grit and paint.

2 Make the stairs completely bare, remove the old floor covering, scrape, putty, seal and paint read the blog article refurbishing a staircase with a limited budget is not difficult.

Cleaning a stair renovation staircase

If you have had the stairs refurbished with a stair renovation, you will have very little maintenance on your stairs. The well-known stair renovation systems (over

steps) that have a high quality are the transfer steps that are equipped with an HPL. This is an extremely strong top layer that is virtually scratch and wear-resistant.

Of course, you should not walk the stairs day after day with sand shoes, but with normal household use, this material will last a very long time.

Cleaning these stair renovation steps is also not difficult, perhaps needless to mention, but work from top to bottom. This top layer is easy to clean with a microfiber cloth or a slightly damp, lint-free cloth, so you can thoroughly clean every step.

  There are also special biological agents for sale in a spray bottle especially for laminate and renovation steps, with which you can easily remove stains after vacuuming.

You can treat stubborn stains well with old-fashioned cleaning vinegar, adding a dash to lukewarm water is sufficient to wipe the stairs once a week with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use greasy cleaning agents to clean this transfer, such as an all-purpose cleaner, which will stain and only attract more dirt.

To clean this transfer, do not use greasy cleaning agents, such as an all-purpose cleaner, but preferably use a soft dishwashing detergent with a little lukewarm water, do not make it too wet, use a slightly damp cloth for this.

Writer of this article: Dennis vd Burg



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