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Which rubber trap profile is available?

Which stair profiles are there and what are the differences? Have you been looking on the internet for the right product to choose the best anti-slip strip for your stairs, but have you not found it yet? Thank you for visiting our blog as well. Various options are conceivable in stair profiles. I would like to explain the 3 differences in stair profiles to you here, so that you can make the best choice that is suitable for your stairs. Stair profiles can be divided into: angle profiles, mill...
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Non-slip stair profile for a staircase

A non-slip stair strip is not a tape, what about exactly? Wait a minute, the article is about the different versions of anti-slip stair strips, right? Yes, I will also explain that, but then I must first tell you that an anti-slip strip is very different from an anti-slip tape. There are many types of tapes for sale that have an anti-slip effect, but are not anti-slip strips. The difference between the two versions is in the surface, the composition of the material and the thickness of ...
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What is the difference between an anti-slip strip and an anti-slip tape

What are the differences between anti-slip strip and anti-slip tape? When you search the internet you will come across many different products to make a good grip for your stair steps. We regularly receive questions about this from customors, who, because of all these offers, do not know what the best solution is for their stairs situation. We also hear very regularly that people don't understand the large price differences in anti-slip tapes. Non-slip strip These groove...
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Free color samples antislip rubber strip

Receive a sample card with all the colors for free & Make the perfect color choice for your home.  Anti-slip is available in many colours, sizes and qualities. Are you going to give the stairs a new coat of paint, or are you done with that old carpet and are you going to give the stairs a major makeover? Keep in mind that if you paint the stairs, the steps will become smoother and the paint on the edges and surface will run bare faster. If you want a safe staircase that also prote...
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Antislip tape comparison

Comparing Non-slip tapes There are a lot of different antislip tapes for sale. But which one is the best for you and for what application? The non slip tapes can be placed in these categories: Antislip tape for outdoor use. Antislip tape for indoor use. Antislip tape for humid areas. Antislip tape for frequent use. Antislip tape for normal use. Antislip tape for outdoor use. Applicability: - Porch decking - Outdoor stairs of concrete, steel or wood.  - Footbri...
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Child safety? Dont forget about a proper non-slip strip for your stairs!

Child safety, also for your stairs! Child safety? Dont forget about a proper non-slip strip for your stairs. Did you know that more then 3000 accidents happen in one year time with young children going on or of the stairs? It is very easy to fall down and hurt yourself. Especially with young children you don't want to take this risk.. Most of the time you underestimate the behavior of your own child, but the exploring power of a young child is ofter very high. It is a good idea to take...
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Product 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result: 1