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Re-upholster stairs why would you do that

Have you just got a new house, oh you are so happy with it, finally that house you wanted, how you are going to furnish it is already completely in your head, the kitchen, the bathroom, the layout of the rooms, everything will get a refurbishment turn, only the stairs and the hall you are not out yet. Do you recognize this thought, yes that is not surprising because for many people who move into a new house, the stairs are often the setting post. Usually there is no budget and the stairs and...
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Industrial look for your staircase

Giving your stairs & hallway an industrial look  The industrial style is a big trend at the moment. In combination with solid materials such as steal & glass. Often combined with old materials such as wooden old tables. The basic colors are often dark such as antraciet grey or black in combination with black steal. You often see steal stairway with a metal railing for protection. Often used for this railing is scaffolding wood. Also a cool detail is to create spots that give a wo...
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Bohemian style for your stairs

Does your interior have a bohemian look? Create also this vibe for your stairs! A bohemian living is very trendy these days, a mix of different styles in one livingroom and a mixture of colors all together. You recognize this interior trend by the items of the far east. A lot of eastern and mediterrian influences can be found in this interior. Also a little bit of the hippie time can be discovered in this interior style. Bohemian is a mixture of colors, designs and fabrics all mixed.  &n...
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Painting your stairs with Chalk paint for a Vintage look

Do you want to paint your stairs in a Vintage look? With a whitewash chalk paint and a few handy tips this is a fun winter job! I've written an article several times about refurbishing and restoring the stairs and then finishing it with a coat of paint. The article was successful in painting your stairs in a concrete look. This was all the rage in 2018. At the hardware store you could once again buy combi paints (2 or 3 layers) to realize this nice effect. giving your stairs an indus...
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Upgrade your stairs

Want to upgrade your stairs? Don't forget about the safety!  A while ago we got an e-mail from a customer, saying he did not paint his stairs but only put strong white sticky plactic on it and on top off that our non-slip adhesive strip.  They were very happy with the result and this is how we decided this to be the winner of our monthly give-a-way  'Send in your best stair picture after applying our strip!' I found the idea very creative and we were c...
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Product 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result: 1