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Do stair renovation yourself? dont forget a good anti-slip

Stair renovation anti-slip stair strip also as a DIY package When your staircase has been completely refurbished with PVC, laminate or Linoleum without anti-slip provision, the step surface can be very slippery. It is good to know that you can always apply our do-it-yourself renovation stair strips afterwards. Our anti-slip rubber tape has been specially developed for stairs. It is not a traditional thin sandpaper tape, that you easily buy everywhere for a cheap price. No, our tape is...
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Place the railing properly on the wall

Placing the railing on the wall prevents falls. In the house you often trap a place where accidents happen. Quickly down the stairs to grab something, you know that if there is no railing on the wall, you quickly slide down the step, with all the associated risks. Mounting a banister to the wall is a very good solution. If your wall railing has also disappeared, a wall railing is not an unnecessary luxury. Nowadays there is a lot for sale on the internet when it comes to banisters. Altho...
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squeaking stairs? Fix it with a stair screw specially designed!

How to fix a creaky staircase with a special screw and immediately provided with a non-slip strip. Are you planning to refurbish your stairs because it gives a lot of creaking noises, there is now a great product to do this. There is a squat screw that you install locally at the top of the stair step. You do this by drilling a 14mm hole up to the riser. Using an Allen key, turn the squeezing screw in the stair step until you encounter resistance. in this way you remove all slack from the s...
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10 tips for the perfect stair renovation

10 Tips for a perfect staircase renovation If you have just bought a new house, you are of course fanatically working to give the interior that atmosphere that you have in mind. You have spent months figuring out the dream kitchen and what colors the interior should have. You do see the TV programs from Eigenhuis en Tuin or RTL wonen. Nice programs for good inspiration, because color and style is something very personal and must also match the house. In addition, living styles change ...
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Anti slip tape for renovated stairs

Making stairs stiffer after the staircase renovation Stair renovation is all the rage these days, you can make your old stairs beautiful again in a simple way with a transfer step. A few years ago there were only a few decors. But nowadays the range has become so much larger and the wood motifs have become so natural and almost indistinguishable from the real thing. There are many different qualities on the market that you should pay attention to. You can distinguish between real wood an...
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Product 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result: 1