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Painting your stairs with a special effect

Painting your stairs with a special effect

Paiting your stairs with special effect paintingtechniques 

Would you like to give your stairs a special look? There are a lot of different paintingtechniques that you could apply. Of course you could go for a normal carpet, but it is also a nice thing to give yourself a challenge! 

Back in the days a lot of specific paint techniques were used. In old housed build in the 30s a lot of wooden parts in the house were painted with wood effect. Or a normal concrete wall would be painted in marble effect. 

Also a lot of doors and panels were painted in wood colors with special flaming technique. For the eye there would almost be no difference between real wood or a look a like effect. A thin layer of oil in the end gave it a beautiful shiny coat. 

I found two videos that show those two painting techniques, like painting a marble pattern and painting a wood effect. Great to have a look at and maybe it will give you inspiration for your own stairs. Would you like to give your stairs a concrete look? Check out our article about how to paint a concrete look for the stairs.  

Blog writer Jeroen Wilkers from Schilderstechniek b.v.


29 juni 2018

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