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Half round punch tool

Item No.: 2019ST

Semi-round edge punch for applying a round edge to the ends of the anti-slip strip.  If you want to keep the stairs shorter, for example 65 cm long, then it is also possible to provide the ends with a rounded edge. Cutting this anti-slip strip goes well, but cutting a round edge is quite difficult. In particular, giving all the strips the exact same round side is not that simple. This is very easy with this twist iron, view the explanation in our video.

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If you want to create round ends on your new antislip strip, it is important that when you use the tool, you use a proper hard not springy surface.


  • Very suitable to make perfect round edges.
  • No need to be a professional handyman.
  • If you choose round edges, you can use shorter strips of 50-75 centimeters.
  • You do need to keep in mind to have a strong surface for using the tool.

Technical information:

  • Wrought iron material.
  • 100x30mm shaft 8mm.
  • Radius 30mm.

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