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Antislip cutter tool

Item No.: 2019AS

Do you want to buy the anti-slip stair strip but do you find the standard width of 28mm too wide? Would you like to apply 2 narrow strips? With this strip cutter you can easily cut the anti-slip strip into a narrower size. If you are a little handy you have done this in no time.


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If you are gonna cut the antislip rubber, it is important that you do have some sort of experience with handy - tasks like these. You have to be very alert while using it because the blades are very sharp. 

Best is to pull the antislip strip throught the tool, and not to push the strip into the tool.

The cutter is made of beech wood and easy to be put together. It is supplied with 5 blades that can be put into the device with 2 inbus bolts. Don't thight those too much, as the knife blade will break otherwise. For your own safety, cover the sticking out parts of the blade on the sides.


  • Best tool to call small strips with.
  • 3 different sizes can be cut with this device, 10mm, 18mm and 14mm.
  • You need a little bit of experience with such tools to be able to work with it.

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