Non-slip strip signal white as a complete set

Item No.: 2018CW

Self-adhesive antislip strip, a complete set for the best result! 

Self-adhesive non-slip stair strip especially designed for home-stairs. A big advantage of the antislip rubber tape, is the broad strip for a perfect grip for the feet. For pretty much every surface this tape is usable. Watch our Application Video!

This complete set consists of:

- 1x roll anti slip rubber strip 15 meter color white.

- 1x roller.

- 1x Markingtape.

- 1x set of alcoholwipes (10 pieces).


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anti slip tape adhesive 15m for stairs white

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Pinch roller

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Marking tape antislip

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Alcohol pads

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Pros en Cons

+ The non-slip adhesive tape doesn't feel sharp on your feet and because of this the strip is very childfriendly.

+ Super strong, suitable for intensive use.

+ Easy to clean for a durable beautiful look. 

The material doesn't discolour.

Attaches securely to any paint or finish, even on oiled wood like mono coating.

Suitable for outside use, the adhesive strip can withstand moisture

-  The paint or varnish must by dried out for a couple of days, before appling the strip on the steps, otherwise the paint will release.

  • The top of the strip has small ridges for the best grip and doesn't feel sharp on your feet.
  • The strip features a sided fabric tape so no need to by additional glue or kit.
  • For optimum adhesion the step must be well scoured with alcohol before applying the strip. 

Summery specifications of the strip:

  • Dimensions strip: Lengte: 15 meters, height: 2mm, width: 28mm.
  • Material strip: Special PVC/Elastomers composition.
  • RALcolor strip: 9003 white

Technical specifications

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