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Anti slip tape adhesive 5m for stair treads brown

Item No.: 2001B

(10 meters is suitable for 65 cm strips and 15 steps)

Did you know most accidents happen inside the house? Especially accidents involving the stairs? If you ever slipped on your stair treads you know how painful and scary this can be. Prevent yourself and your family from falling and make sure your stairs is safe enough. 

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You can easily create a new fresh safe stairs with our non-slip adhesive tape. This strip is designed for stairs and will last and stay beautiful for years. Because the strip has a glue layer on the back, it doesn't take a lot of time to apply the strip. All you need to do is measure your treads and cut the strip in the right size, since the strip will be delivered on a 15m roll. 

  • No more stumbling or slipping on your stairs. With this antislip rubber stair strip, which provides a perfect grip because of its width and thickness.
  • Sustainable and strong. A very strong glue layer provides a long-term application, year after year.
  • Easy application by everyone. With the clear instruction manual appication can be done in a few hours.
  • Easy to clean. This stair strip is flat with a detailed groove profile, therefor it is easy to clean with a vacuumcleaner.
  • Available in 10 colors. And in 2 different lengths or sets available, which means that for every stairs there is a suitable solution.
  • The top of the strip has small ridges for optimum grip and therefore does not feel sharp.
  • The strip features a sided fabric tape.
  • For optimum adhesion the step must be well scoured with alcohol before applying the strip. 

Brief specifications

  • Length: 5 meters, Height: 2mm, Width: 28mm.
  • Material: Special PVC/Elastomer composition.
  • RALcolor: 8011 brown.

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