Product information Rubber

Unfortunately Antislip rubbertape is not 100% degradable, yet she has a green edge

Also we are very concered about the environment and find it important for now and the future generation to think about this. PVC products are unfortunately very necessary in our society and there are different types of PVC to find. A lot of those products are not degradable or recyclable, as we are reminded of very often on TV or on the radio. The last years there are gracefully changes happening with the composition of those pVC and therefore they can be made recyclable for new products and for a circulair economy.  

Therefore also with Antisliprubbertape, the composition of materials consists of Thermoplastic pvc and elastomeer for skid resistance. This way the product can be recycled. 

Composition Rubber
PVC/Elastomeer recyclable.

PVC = Polyvinylchloride.

Elastomeer = Polymere with rubber properties.


Productinformation Glue nonwoven-tape

tesa® 51970
Transparant double-sided cinematic tape

tesa® 51970 is a transparent double-sided gluetape consisting of PP-folie and a tackified adhesive.

tesa® 51970 has in particular:

€“ Excellent combination of adhesive force and  strength. 

€“ A reliable attachment, even on critical materials such as PP and PE or rough surfaces. 

€“ Good temperature durability and suitable for outdoor use.

Main Application

€“ Montage of plastic and wooden finishes. 

€“ Montage of decorative materials and displays. 

€“ Montage of transparent boards.

Technical date 

€“    Porter    PP-folie      Stretching power    50 N/cm
€“    Color   transparant      Type lining    film
€“    Total thickness    220 µm      Color lining brown
€“    Type adhesive mass    tackified acryl    

€“    Thickness of lining    71 µm
€“    elongation for breaking    150 %            

Adhesive strength on 

€“    steal (direct)    13.0 N/cm    

€“   steal (after 14 days)    13.5 N/cm
€“    ABS (direct)    11.3 N/cm    

€“   ABS (after 14 days)    14.4 N/cm
    aluminium (direct)    10.2 N/cm  

   aluminium (after 14 days)    12.8 N/cm
€“    PC (direct)    12.3 N/cm    

€“   PC (after 14 days)    15.0 N/cm
“   PE (direct)    5.4 N/cm    

€“   PE (after 14 days)    6.8 N/cm
€“   PET (direct)    9.9 N/cm    

€“   PET (after 14 days)    12.5 N/cm
€“   PP (direct)    6.8 N/cm    

€“   PP (after 14 days)    8.8 N/cm
€“   PS (direct)    11.8 N/cm    

€“   PS (after 14 days)    13.4 N/cm
€“   PVC (direct)    10.5 N/cm    

€“   PVC (after 14 days)    17.0 N/cm

tesa® 51970
Transparant double-sided film tape


€“    Temp.durability short term.    130 °C   

€“    Durability against chemicals GOOD
€“    Temp.durability long term.    80 °C    

€“    Resistant to plasticizers GOOD
€“    Attachment  GOOD

€“   Static slight abrasion resistance at 23 °C  VERY GOOD 
€“    Aging resistance (uv)    GOOD           
“    moisture resistance  VERY GOOD 

 €“   Static slight abrasion resistance at 40 °C GOOD

Additional information

Lining variants:

PV0 brown pergamijn (65 µm)

PV1 white pergamijn (84 µm)

PV2 white embossed PP (85 µm)

PV6 red MOPP-foil (80 µm)

tesa® products prove day in day out their incredible quality under heavy circumstances and are subject to strict controles. All the above shared technical information is offered by the best knowledge and experience. This needs to be seen as an average valua and not suitable as a specification.  For this reason Tesa SE cannot grand a guarantee,  neither explicit nor implicit, with regard to marketabilityor suitability for a special cause. The user is responsable for the suitability of the product or the applicability on a specific surface. In case of doubt our customer service would love to help you.