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Stair Models available on the market

Which models of stairs are often used in the Netherlands

Do you want to have a new staircase placed? Then it is good to first delve into which models of stairs are available on the market. From which materials are stairs made and how do prices relate to each other, but also in which situation are they applied.

You can distinguish the stairs into 4 groups:
- Residential staircases
- Store stairs
- Gallery stairs
- Factory stairs

House construction stairs
The residential building staircase is usually a standard spruce or pine staircase. This is quickly placed in the construction process, in order to give the workmen a good kick for the work on the floors. A standard pinewood staircase costs around € 1,500.. Sometimes a hardwood staircase can be supplied against extra work, or a combination of pine with, for example, oakwood steps.

Most model staircases are a quarter staircase, this is a straight section with a turn at the bottom of the staircase or a turn at the top of the staircase. Or a 2-quarter staircase is placed that has a turn at the top and bottom. The prices can vary between €3,500 and €6,500. The stair maker will then measure all sizes and you can then choose various types of wood combinations and designs.

Shopping stairs
In a shop there are completely different rules for stairs than stairs for a house, the stairs have to climb very slowly, so a low step per step and you also have to be able to put your foot completely on the stairs. In a store there is generally enough space to place a staircase.

The stairs for the store are usually made of steel, usually a straight staircase with an intermediate landing if necessary. The stair treads are walked intensively and that is why the stair tread is often made of a hard type of wood such as oak, for example, but nowadays you can also see bamboo treads in a steel staircase. The steps are therefore also provided with a double non-slip strip, to prevent wear and to provide roughness when walking.

Gallery stairs
The gallery stairs are usually found in buildings and flats, instead of the elevator you can also take the gallery stairs, this as an emergency staircase or for your condition ;-) The stairs are usually made of concrete elements with an in between steps be placed. In nursing homes or hospitals, a good anti-slip stair profile is sometimes applied for slippery conditions in wet periods. Occasionally, and certainly in recent years, more steel structures are used at a gallery staircase. These steps are then equipped with metal grating steps that provide sufficiently good anti-slip in the event of moisture.

Factory stairs
In a factory, a steel structure is usually used for a staircase. The stairs and walkways are usually electrolytically galvanized, making them able to withstand external influences. This treatment of the steel does not rust these stairs and gratings. Emergency staircases that can often be found on the outside of the facade are also executed in a galvanized layer, making them very resistant to all kinds of weather influences.

Then you have different types of stairs such as:
-right straight stairs
-stairs with 1 quarter turn
-stairs with 2 quarters
-spiral staircases
-unsupported stairs
-keep tree stairs
-millers stairs

Straight cross stairs
This staircase is widely used and also in various places you can think of a basement staircase, or a staircase to the attic. The staircase takes up a lot of floor space in relocation, but it is a staircase that can be walked over the entire width very well if it is made according to the building decree.

Stairs with 1 quarter

This staircase always has a turn in the 90 degree staircase. The turn is either at the bottom and starts turning, or the turn is at the top of the stairs at the last 4 or 5 steps. The steps where the turn is in are always sloping. This creates the twist

Stairs with 2 quarters

The staircase with 2 quarters has a 90 degree turn both at the bottom and at the top of the stairs. In the middle part there is usually a straight part of approximately 3 or 4 steps. If the staircase

There are many spiral staircases, made entirely from wood as well as steel or a combination of these. Nowadays you see a lot of designs with glass in combination with stainless steel fencing around the axis. The stairs can also be purchased as a DIY kit in many different designs. such as color material and diameter. The best walkable staircase (think of carrying a bag or a box upwards) is 180 cm wide. With this staircase, all steps are sloping away and walking on the spindle side is the most difficult because the stair step here is the narrowest.

The spiral staircase rotates around its axis (pivot), giving the floor space in terms of surface area very limited. Freestanding staircase

This style of a staircase is more common nowadays, it is usually a straight staircase, the steps come out of the wall and are not supported, the steps are mounted in a steel frame that is later finished or processed in the wall. There are also versions in which a metal anchor is placed in the concrete wall by means of mooring and gluing on which a stair step is mounted.
Keep tree staircase

The keepboom staircase wants to be freely translated into a keep sawn, say the side is sawn into a serration. You see this kind of stairs a lot in America where the model also comes from. The steps are not nested in the same way as with the traditional Dutch stairs (so let's say that the steps are between the side panels) But the steps are on the cut-out keep. See the picture.

A goalkeeper staircase is usually a more luxuriously executed staircase and is also usually made of a more expensive type of wood such as walnut or oak.

The miller's staircase is derived from the staircase that stands in a mill. There is often little space here and therefore a straight stairway has been devised with sawn-out steps. You can also walk down the stairs conditionally and through the notch you can very well place your foot on the stairs.

A miller's staircase is often used as a staircase to the attic in Dutch homes. The stairs take up very little space and is reasonably walkable. You can have such a staircase made by the staircase maker, but it is also available as a do-it-yourself package.

Vlizo stairs

I would not know exactly where the name comes from. Perhaps it is an abbreviation of attic as the attic is also called, the staircase is therefore extremely suitable for this. It is foldable or retractable and you slide it into the attic. It is therefore usually only used if you want to store something in the attic.

There are many different versions and qualities of wood, such as do it yourself package to electrical that you can have installed by the stair maker.

The staircase can then be carried out in the following types of wood:

  • pine and pine
  • beech wood
  • oak
  • iroko tropical wood
  • rubber wood
  • bamboo
  • concrete
  • glass / metal
  • metal / wood

The Dutch staircase is generally quite steep. If you compare this, for example, with countries such as Germany and other neighboring countries.

This is due to the fact that often not much floor space is available. If you want to climb a stair slowly, it is important that the depth of the stair step is sufficient to put your entire foot on it.

Because the land in the Netherlands is very expensive, the architect tries to keep enough space for living and sleeping and that is why the stairwell is kept as small as possible. The staircase that is usually placed here must therefore be designed steeply.

Fortunately this has been standardized through a building decree, or the stairs must meet certain requirements so that they can be walked on safely and that the stairs provide sufficient grip and anti-slip and safety when walking.

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