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Make stairs safer how do you do that?

Make stairs safer how do you do that?

How can you make your stairs a lot safer?

Over the past 5 years I have written various articles with tips, tricks and links with references on how to make your stairs a lot safer in a simple and affordable way. Stairs in the Netherlands are generally quite steep, so the steps are usually not deep enough. Walking up is usually still possible, but when walking down it is often difficult to place your entire foot on the step, because of this you easily slip and often fall with sometimes serious consequences. This usually has considerable consequences, especially for the elderly.  

Hereby I share again the links to these tips such as closing your stair gate, or a walking aid for the elderly, or perhaps a non-slip tape on your steps? Take advantage of it and get the info you need.


Why are there so many accidents due to climbing stairs in the house?

Accidents on the stairs are often caused by quickly descending the stairs while wearing socks because the steep and slippery steps of the Dutch stairs do not give enough space to put your foot down. ​


LED Lighting for your stairs without chopping and breaking work

With simple LED lighting mounted in a number of places on the side of the stairs, it makes climbing the stairs a lot safer at night. ​


Safety for your stairs above all else, right?

A fall on your stairs has happened in no time, often you end up very unhappy with a fracture of your hip arm or shoulder.


Making a safe staircase for the children

Stair gates, children's railings, non-slip socks, there are various options to make your stairs a bit safer.


Stair lighting for a saver staircase

Even on galleries or when climbing stairs at night, the stairs are often not or insufficiently lit. Even if there is no power supply, you can still sufficiently illuminate the stairs. ​


Making steep stairs safer

Making a steep staircase safer is easy to do, by for example, applying a non-slip tape, but a wall railing also provides a lot of extra support when walking up your stairs.


Stair-climbing aids

There are many different anti-slips for sale, strips that you have to mount by making a groove or strips that you can easily stick or all kinds of anti-slip tape. ​


Children and a safe staircase that's how you do it

Climbing stairs safely for the children is a high priority. Find out here what needs to be done to allow children to walk up and down the stairs safely.


Tips for a safe staircase for young and old

Several tips that do not have to be expensive and that are easy to implement for a safe staircase for young and old.

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Blogwriter: Dennis van de Burg




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