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A safe stairs for kids is all about the details

A safe stairs for kids is all about the details

Do you also have such a sweet baby walking home? What you will do anything for and nothing is too much?

When you are expecting a child for the first time, there is a lot involved and it seems as if your whole house is unsafe. Securing your kitchen cabinet doors, out of the way all small things that fit in the mouth and much more. But have you ever thought about your stairs? Very often this is such an obvious part of your home that you often forget to think how dangerous this thing really is. An accident happens easily and often we don't realize it. Every year, an average of 240,000 accidents occur among children, of which mainly children aged 0-4 years who fall from the stairs. This is something that is actually very easy to prevent with a few simple solutions. Today I will give you some suggestions on how to give your stairs that extra bit of safety just before the summer starts!

Do you have a stair railing?

The first question I ask you is, do you have a decent railing on the wall? This may seem like a completely unnecessary question, but a little bit of guidance is quite important. Nowadays there are several companies that can assemble stair railings for you, but it is even smarter to do it yourself. If you're a bit handy, you can order a separate wooden banister and attach it to your wall yourself. Maybe a Saturday work and a lot of money saved! By the way, have you ever thought about a children's railing? I also think it's a great idea!

A stair gate, what is that exactly?

Well, there are still people who have never thought of a stair gate, while this is so essential when you have kids at home. A stair gate, not only at the top of the stairs, but also at the bottom of the stairs, is the perfect means to ensure that your children do not go up the stairs without your supervision, which can already contribute a lot to safety in your home.

Are your stairs slippery?

The second point is your steps. You may have spent this winter refurbishing your old residential staircase and gave it a nice lick of paint in one of the trendy colors of this time. Great idea of course, but what not everyone thinks about is that because of this beautiful layer of paint, your steps are a bit smoother than the old worn version… Now that summer is approaching, you may think, 'Oh well, it's not that important, we don't wear socks after all', but even on your bare feet, only a wooden surface is a bit tricky.

Self-adhesive anti-slip tape with the quality of a strip

A solution for this is a non-slip rubber stair strip. Here too, the choice is huge and there are plenty of providers on the internet. It ranges from the sandpaper-like product of the well-known IKEA, to a milled strip available in the standard color black. This milled product may look great, but what a chore it is to get into your stairs. That is not a job that you can get done before the summer, or you have to invest in a professional, also remember that if you have a rental house you often have to ask permission from the housing association. Another, faster and cheaper solution is a non-slip rubber strip that you can stick, like a tape. The non-slip stair strip has been specially developed for stairs, this self-adhesive strip is easy to cut to size, so that the product is actually suitable for every staircase. How easy is that? If you are going to buy such a strip, pay attention to the width of the strip, such a wide strip is much better for small feet. You will quickly have a safe staircase again and you can go up and down the stairs carefree with socks or bare feet. View below what is possible.

One last piece of advice: make sure there are no unnecessary items on the stairs. How often do you put your clean laundry on the steps, or a book that still has to go upstairs. This makes the chance of tripping even greater and that is of course not what you want! I hope this article has helped you a bit to become more aware of your home and staircase situation and take care of that safe staircase! It doesn't have to be that difficult to create the right safe situation. Good luck!



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