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Cheap & safe ideas for a toddler safe stairs

Affortable ideas for stair safety

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on your interior it can be difficult to create safe situations in and around your home. Still there are cheap possibilities, especially for the stairs. This idea I found on pinterest, is just a perfect idea! A second handrail is the best solution when you got young children that need to go up and down the stairs. 

Looking at this picture all I want to share with you that you should not let the robe be too loose, other then that a great safe and cheap option.

This is also a fabulous idea and so easy to do yourself! If you have the fear of your toddler putting his or her head in between the balustrading, please consider to do this. Just a very strong cotton sheet or cloth is all you need. Maybe even in a nice fancy color to match your interior, just be creative and make your own stair safety for a low budget!

Blogger: Dennis 




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