Buying non-slip stairs at the Gamma hardware store is this the best choice for my stairs?

If your stairs are slippery and you want a quick solution for this, you are inclined to visit the local hardware store. Logical because this is easily and quickly arranged. You google whether they have something for this and most hardware stores do have a non-slip stair strip.

But the question is, of course, is this the most suitable product for my situation?

Most hardware stores sell 1 type of anti-slip, a roll of anti-slip tape with an abrasive grain, it looks a bit like sandpaper, which gives excellent anti-slip and is also suitable for damp areas and outdoor situations, where you walk with shoes.

However, this anti-slip tape is less suitable for an indoor situation, there are a number of disadvantages that this tape has, such as it is a thin tape that wears quickly, the tape shifts and tears easily when walked on, the tape is sharp when you walking on socks or barefoot, the tape is very difficult to clean, (everything sticks to it) and it is also very difficult to stick the tape in a nice tight and straight line.
If you want to use it for a kitchen staircase or a small basement staircase that is not much used, this is an excellent non-slip tape.

If you have now made the hall beautiful again and given your stairs a new layer of color, then it would be a shame to stick this hardware store tape on it, ok the price is favorable, but the result in the longer term is moderate.

Why would you do that? because there is an alternative
Namely the anti-slip staircase made of anti-slip rubber tape, it was specially conceived and developed in 2014 for indoor stairs   with very good results.
You can't really call this tape because it has a thickness of 2 mm. It is a stair strip that is on a roll of 15 meters, which is sufficient for 1 staircase. The stair strip has an adhesive layer on the underside that is very strong.

The cleverly designed grooves and its width provide the very best anti-slip and it feels very pleasant when walked on. Due to its thickness and width, the stair strip can be stuck nicely straight, even if you are not very handy. The stair strip is very easy to clean, no dirt or pet hair will stick to it and is also available in 10 modern colours.

The only drawback is it is a lot more expensive in the short term, but certainly not in the longer term ;-) For 5 bucks your staircase is optimally safe for years of pleasure and it also looks nice.
If you are not sure about the anti-slip rubber tape and its application, please request a free color chart from us, we will send it to you without obligation, to convince you of the color and quality. (we do not ask for contact details, only your address)

If you want to order the anti-slip rubber tape, visit the webshop and choose your color. With the color configurator you can create the color you like online.

Why choose anti-slip rubber tape?

90 days reflection period.
Delivered within 3 days.
2 years 100% warranty.
Free shipping and returns.
More than 47000 stairs made safe again.

Blog writer: Dennis van de Burg


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