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Children and a safe stairs

Children and a safe stairs

Children and a safe stairs

Walking up the stairs is a proces of step by step for young children. They need to learn how to do it and often accidents happen, especially with children between the age of 1 - 2 years old. Going up is not that difficult and something they learn very fast, but you  need to stay behind your child and make sureit is safe enough. 

Going down the stairs is when the most accidents happen

When your child is still young the best thing is to let it go down the stairs sitting, step by step and make sure that you stay close untill they feel safe enough and have more experience. If you don't have time to practice with your child then at least create a safe environment by getting a stair railing at the top and bottom of your stairs. There are many kinds for sale and some of them are not very expensive but still strong enough. 

Imagine, only the idea that your child might fall down the stairs is horrible. A safe stairs is a must and if you have fresh painted stairs of stairs that is just renovated, it is a clever idea to provide the treads with a non slip antislip strip. Maybe you don't really like it, but it is very convenient because when your child is old enough, the strip can be easily removed again.  

Tips for a safe stairs: 

- Balustrading, at the top and the bottom of the stairs. Or moveable stair railings is also an option.
- Get a cloth in between the stair slats or make sure they are not more apart then 10 centimeters. 
- If you have an open stairs make sure to close it, either with a fishnet or metal brackets underneath every tread.
- Provide every tread with an antisliprubber tape




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