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Following the trends for a gorgeous safe stairs

Living trends for the stairs and the hall, get inspired here!

The housing trends for 2023 do not change very much compared to 2022 if you read various blogs about this.

The trend watchers predict a warmer interior for 2023, in combination with natural tones and products, such as cork, natural wood and copper and brass-like materials as accessories.

The colors remain practically the same compared to 2022. The colors dark blue and dark green are new in the list below.

Dark blue
Dark green
Earth tones
Raspberry and red

The hall and the stairs are also changing more and more, the upholstered wooden stairs are becoming more and more out of fashion. The stairs must be practical, so easy to clean and sleek in appearance. For this reason, the stairs are increasingly painted in a sleek paint finish.

Many examples for inspiration of this can be found in abundance on Pinterest. The painted staircase in combination with wood-colored stair renovation steps and a little bit of the classic 1930s look with, for example, wall splatter boards, curved keyhole or steel cast-iron banisters.

If you are also going to refurbish the hall and the stairs, you can opt for a real eye-catcher, namely painting your stairs in a concrete look in combination with, for example, the dark green panelling.
What is also often done is to provide the stairs with a new transfer step, this is, say, a new stair step made of laminate or wood that you glue over the existing step.

Staircase renovation is available in a laminate version and a wooden version. In the laminate version there is also a concrete look appearance for sale, so easy you have a sleek staircase that is also very durable.
If you choose these materials, keep in mind that these steps are a bit slippery. A good anti-slip strip for your stair step is then very important. A wall handrail should not be missing either. Get inspired on pinterest where many nice examples are shown.

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