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How to make household stairs or kitchen stairs anti-slip safe again?

huishoudtrap met antislip

Safely use household stairs or kitchen steps

We can often use an extra step. For example, in the kitchen if you want to grab something from the top shelf, or if a lamp needs to be replaced, but also when cleaning your windows. There are plenty more things to mention where you can use a kitchen ladder. A household staircase is therefore indispensable. Every household usually has a household ladder. There are many types and qualities for sale and also in every price range. In a wooden version, powder-coated metal or in aluminum version.

Many kitchen steps, but also the household stairs are often in a metal/aluminium version and are then provided with ridges in the steps, the anti-slip effect is not optimal for indoor use because you often wear socks in the house. Applying a self-adhesive anti-slip strip on it will be a big improvement. If you have an old and somewhat worn wooden kitchen staircase, a paint job can already give a considerable upgrade. If you look at, for example, Ikea, you can already have a very handy folding kitchen ladder made of beech wood for a few ten euros. There are different models for sale and also in different qualities. Ikea supplies all products with extensive assembly instructions, so that assembly is not difficult. The result is often a big 8 in terms of quality and design. You still have to assemble it and give it a nice paint color, quite a nice job, but not super difficult and you don't have to be a true do-it-yourselfer for this.

This saves you a lot of money and you can give the stairs the color and appearance that fits into your interior. If you want to enjoy your kitchen stairs for a long time, it is advisable to provide the stairs with a few rubber anti-slip strips. Buy strong and wide strips, then you can be sure that you have good anti-slip and your kitchen stairs will be a lot safer and will last for years. Ikea also sells very affordable stair strips on a roll, then you are ready immediately. They sell this in black, from that sandpaper-like tape. You will not understand our preference, for various reasons, such as shear strength, sharp on your feet, but a very favorable price. If you want to know more about qualities and types of anti-slip strips, read an extensive article about the different types of prices and applications here.

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