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Make your stairs safe again!

Make your stairs safe again!

Make your stairs anti-slip again

You have made the hall beautiful again, painted the walls, new laminate on the floor, sanded the stairs and given a new coat of color, you are completely happy with the result. That's quite an improvement.
It's just a shame that the stairs are still so slippery because of that layer of paint.

How can you solve that problem without a lot of costs and work with a nice result? Then choose a non-slip stair strip that is self-adhesive. There are different types for sale, from very cheap stick-on sandpaper to thin rubbery tape.

But if you really want a good, durable and solid anti-slip strip that will last for years and also remains beautiful, then you should really choose the strip of anti-slip rubber tape. The strip has been specially conceived and developed for stairs and does not have the bad properties of curling, sliding, tearing or loosening. No, this comic is strong for years of fun.

For 50 euro your stairs are completely safe again and it still looks nice too! 

Suitable for every staircase and for young and old.
Whether at home, in the office or in the hospitality industry. With this strip you can quickly create a safe situation again.
Easy to apply nicely by anyone. Even if you're not that handy.
Available in 10 modern colors so always a suitable color.

If you are not sure what to do, request a free color card with all 10 colors and let yourself be convinced that this is the best product within the anti-slip tapes.

Blogwriter:Dennis van de Burg




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