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Non-slip half moon stair carpet is good for a slippery stairs

Replace your half moon stair mats? Good alternatives.

There are a lot of half moon stairmats for sale, in different colors, qualities and prices. If you look at the prices they charge you, the difference is huge. For a couple of ten euros or so you can buy a new set, but do these mats provide the best safety for stair use?
The stair mat has the shape of half a moon, lets say it is almost half a circle. Most mats have a length of 60cm or shorter. The mats are placed in the middle of the tread. 

Every stairs has a course line, this is an imaginary line of the part of the treads which is used most. This is about 1/3 of the length of the treads, about 30-35cm.  On this line, a non-slip stair strip should be applied. When you place the half moon stair mat in the middle of the tread this is technically not the correct place. A relative small part of the mat is being used in this way. Also you have the risk that, with a cheaper mat, the outside ridge will curl up pretty soon. This makes it even more dangerous then without a mat. 

For new stairs, that are build in 2016, the use of a stair mat like written above is not really necessary. This is because when a new house is build, the stairs needs to be build by a couple of guidelines. The measures of the treads are all changed, so a proper halfmoon stair mat will not even fit anymore. When the stairs is renovated or a new stairs need to be placed in an existing home, it is not necessary to follow these guidelines. Especially when we are talking about only a new attic stairs to replace the vlizo stairs.

If you really want to make your stairs a lot safer, then the use of a non-slip stair strip is not an overdone luxury. This strip, made of soft pvc rubber, is the best and safest solution for your stairs. If you want to do it totally right, you will ask a professional to place the strip for you. This strip is available in different colors and also qualities. It is not the most cheapest solution, because you have to ask a professional to mill and put the strip into the treads for you. This will cost you around €250,- per stairs.  A big advantage though is that in this way you have the perfect way of antislip on your treads. 

If you don't want to spend that amount of money on your stairs, you can also choose a non-slip strip that is self adhesive and easy to apply by yourself. Also if you have a house for rent, and maybe you are not allowed to change to much, this sticky strip is perfect! Also this rubber strip will give your feet the perfect grip and even with socks or slippers on it is safe to go up and down the stairs. This non-slip strip will be delivered on a one length roll, so easy to cut in the right sizes by yourself and easy to apply on your own without help from a professional. 

This adhesive strip is easy to apply from corner to corner, to create a perfect course line. For around €50,- you will have a safe stairs. This product is very sustainable and will give you security for years! Available in different RAL colors, so easy to find the perfect match! Or paint your stairs for a new fresh look and choose a strip in the same color. This way the nonslip strip will not even be noticed! Read more about this fabulous non-slip adhesive stair strip.



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