Freshly painted stairs are slippery

A freshly painted stairs with slippery treads.. How to solve this?

You have completely removed your old carpet and it took you days to get rid of all the glue, using sandpaper and after this painting the stairs in

new fresh color. The result is spectaculair and you couldn't be happier.

The only thing that you are not so happy with is that the treads are now a bit slippery. You didn't think of this before and of course you do not want your stair treads to be to slippery, because this might cause problems and accidents. 

Imagine your parents are coming over for the weekend and they want to stay over. Older people are not that flexible anymore so going up and down the stairs is not easy for them at all. Also for the safety of your children that do not see any fear and run up the stairs like crazy. When you still had your carpet, maybe sometimes somebody slipped, but more hurt then just some bruises was impossible. The soft carpet helps better then hard wooden treads, like they are now.  

A very populair product is the stair renovation, everybody loves the looks of the stairs that are renovated this way, but people forget, that with this wooden plastic layer on your original treads, they become even more slippery. Thank god there is google and you can look for advice and solutions to cure your pains. It turns out you are not the only one with this problem, and that there are a couple of solutions. 

- Use a grid strip, especially when your treads already have the grid this is the best option. Refresh your old rubbers and get some new ones. Another option is to ask a professional to make the grids for you and you can place in the rubber strip by yourself. These strips are available in different colors and sizes. This is not an easy job that everyone can do, but if you have some money to spend you could get it done by someone else. 

- There are halfmoon shaped stairmats for sale in different sizes and materials. The carpet ones are of course the best, but this is not really what you wanted because it is not very easy to keep clean and if so, it has been useless to get rid of all your carpet and paint the stairs in the first place. There are also stairmats made of plastic/rubber, but often you need to cut them in the correct size yourself and this is a lot of hassle. Also it is not very sustainable because the mats do not stick on the treads for ever. 

- You might have read something about the different kind of tapes and strips that you can paste on your treads yourself. Because of the adhesive glue layer, it is super easy to apply them on your treads by yourself. Also this product is available in different kind of colors, that will definetely match your new stairs paintcolor. A perfect solution so it seems. You do not need to have years of renovating experience. Just some time in the weekend and the job is done. And you have created a beautiful new fresh and safe stairs for you and your family.  

Blog writer:

aangepast 11 juli 2016