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Free color samples antislip rubber strip

Free color samples antislip rubber strip

Receive a sample card with all the colors for free & Make the perfect color choice for your home. 

Anti-slip is available in many colours, sizes and qualities. Are you going to give the stairs a new coat of paint, or are you done with that old carpet and are you going to give the stairs a major makeover?

Keep in mind that if you paint the stairs, the steps will become smoother and the paint on the edges and surface will run bare faster. If you want a safe staircase that also protects the paint, it is wise to first orientate yourself which non-slip materials are available.
We have developed a strip especially for residential stairs. Available in 10 modern shades, it is very strong and suitable for most stairs.

Are you not that handy? No problem, with our installation instruction video the strip can be applied by anyone, so you save quite a bit of money!

If you want to assess the color and quality of our anti-slip strip first, request a free sample card. All 10th colors are pasted on this, so you can easily compare and immediately assess the quality.



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