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Apply anti-slip strip in shops and catering

Apply anti-slip strip in shops and catering

Anti-slip strip also for shops and catering

You can apply anti-slip strip in many different locations and not just in houses. There are many locations where anti-slip is a must.

I mention a few situations: Of course in homes, these often have steep stairs with narrow steps, which causes many falls. But also in Galleries, Catering locations, Hotels and Shops, Saunas, Care homes and so on. In many places unsafe situations can arise or be.

Applying a good anti-slip here is important. The traditional rolls of anti-slip tape with such a sandpaper layer are less suitable for this, this tape shifts quickly, tears or comes off easily, this is not the right solution for locations that are walked on a lot and is definitely not durable enough. For places where there is a lot of walking, such as in shops or hotels, a stronger profile tape is needed.

If you want to make the location safer quickly and functionally, a non-slip strip that you can stick is a much better solution,

For example, The Van de Valk Hotel in Dwingeloo has locally provided the marble stone stairs to the bicycle cellar with our non-slip rubber tape.

This strip has small grooves, so that damp shoes still have a good grip. The strip is available in 10 colors 28x2mm and made of a special type of PVC with an elastomer, which makes the material very strong and does not wear away quickly.

The adhesive layer of the well-known brand Tesa is very strong and also moisture resistant.In situations like this, such as with van de Valk, the stairs are quickly safe again. Our strip has been applied 2 years ago and they are still satisfied.

Do you also have a place where extra safety is needed? Ask for a free sample card with all colors. Assess the color and quality and order just like Hotel van de Valk from anti-slip rubber tape.

Do you have more locations where you want to apply the anti-slip strip? Then send us an app or an e-mail. We will then make an exclusive offer.

If you want to read more about our product first, take a look at our webshop where we sell the anti-slip in rolls of 5 and 15 meters, but also as a complete set or as a do-it-yourself set where you can easily attach round ends.

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Dennis van de Burg www.antisliprubbertape.com



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