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Antislip tape comparison

Antislip tape comparison

Comparing Non-slip tapes

There are a lot of different antislip tapes for sale. But which one is the best for you and for what application?

The non slip tapes can be placed in these categories:

  • Antislip tape for outdoor use.
  • Antislip tape for indoor use.
  • Antislip tape for humid areas.
  • Antislip tape for frequent use.
  • Antislip tape for normal use.

Antislip tape for outdoor use.
- Porch decking
- Outdoor stairs of concrete, steel or wood. 
- Footbridges
- Porches
- Small outdoor bumps

Antislip tapes for outdoor use have a topcoat generally composed of a grain coating. This nonslip tape has an adhesive layer and is suitable for a lot of outdoor surfaces such as porches or stone stairs. 
The antislip tape is super strong and can handle extreme rain and cold temperatures. This product is available in different sizes and signalcolors, to mark unsafe situations. 
This kind of tape is not easy to apply. The subsurface needs to be properly dry and fatfree. Porous parts need to be treated with a primer coating first. The edges need to be extra glued with epoxy to make sure it will not curl up in a matter of time. 

Prices vary from €1,60 - €2,50 per meter.

Antislip tape for indoor use

- Indoor stairs made of wood, stone or with lacquer
- Kitchensteps
- Ladders
- High sleeper stairs
- Vlizo stairs

The antislip tapes for indoor use have different topcoatings, some of them are pretty rough and not that pleasant to the feet while others are very soft in material. This often also makes the prices difference. The softer toplayers are specially for indoor use and are adhesive so this product can be applied onto the treads by anyone. The thicker the tape, the easier the application. Most of the time these thicker strips are a bit more expensive, but they are way  more sustainable and last years longer.

Important factor for the lifespan of this product is that the surface needs to be totally dry and fatfree. With a little bit of alcohol this should not be to difficult. Use a paint-roller to apply the strip firm onto the treads. Unfortunately this strip is not that easy to remove and there is a slight chance that the paint of the surface will let go when you remove this strip. 

Prices vary between  €0,70 to €3,50 per meter.

Can be used in:
- Bathrooms 
- Shower cabines
- Sauna’s
- Swimmingpools
- Terraces

An antislip tape for a humid room has way more to suffer and that it why these strips are specially designed to be in this moist areas. The glue on the back of the tape is a special combination that will give a proper gripon the surface, to make sure it will lasts for years. There are soft tapes available in a lot of different colors, you can buy them as lose long strips but you could also get them in sticker size. Very important when applying these strickers or slip tape is that the surface is well dry and free of any grease.  Also limescale should be removed with something such as vinegar.  

Prices vary from €1,80 to €3,90 per meter.

Antislip tapes for frequently use

Can be applied in:
- Malls, shops
- Public areas
- Offices

In malls or in arcades you will find a lot of stone stairs made of concrete or natural stone. With rain these treads can get dangerously slippery. For situations like these there are different options, you could choose a wide special signal-yellow strip or an aluminate strip that covers this signaleffect. These tapes have a special grain kind layer made of resin. Sometimes these strips can also be bought as a sticker. The yellow makes sure even in the dark it is easy to see, which helps a lot with the safety.
This antislip tape is not suitable to walk on with bare feet, because it is very sharp. 

Prices vary from €3,50 to €12 per meter.

Antislip tapes for normal use
- Livingrooms
- Ladders and stairs.
- Footholds
- Plateaus

If you have a small plateau or a stap down, for example towards the basement, it is a good idea to buy a price-wise strip that is not to wide but very easy to apply. Also the glue layer of these strips are good enough for situations like these. This tape can be bought in any construction market or bigh store like IKEA, most of the time on a roll of 5 meter. 

Prices very from 0,50 tot 0,80 eurocent per meter.

Blog writer: Monique




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