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Anti slip tape and where to pay attention to when you buy this product

Anti slip tape and where to pay attention to when you buy this product

Antislip tape and where to pay attention to when you buy this product. 

If your stair treads are very slippery or narrow, walking up and down the stairs can be risky. An antislip stair tape is a simple and good solution to create a much more safe stair situation. But where to think of when you buy such a product? There are so many brands, models, qualities and sizes for sale. Also very different prices which doesnt make it an easy choice. 

Antislip sandpaper tape

The sandpapertapes are available in many different kinds of material. Such as plastic, rubber or vinyl. These tapes are topcoated with a sandpaper kind of glue, that gives the surface a rough layer. The grains are there in different sizes, so that the strips are suitable for different situations. There is one that is perfect for outdoor use with a big grain, while others are more beneficial if you use it inside, because of the small fine grain. But, our experience is, these kinds of strip are better used when you wear shoes.

Use: outdoor use, small steps. Less suitable for indoor use.

Sizes: Different kind of sizes available.

Qualities: A lot of different qualities and also a lot of different prices because of this. 

Lifespan: Depending on the surface and the grain between 1 to 3 years.

Application: Very easy to apply, but not very easy to remove because of the wear through of the material. 

Antislip vinyltape

This antislip tape has a pvc surface, coated with a bubble layer that gives a good grip. This strip is perfect for indoor use. Situations such as bathrooms, showerrooms or saunas. Areas where you, usually walk bare feet. 

This strip is less suitable for areas where the strip will be used more often. Also for outdoor use this strip is not such a good idea. This tape is very thin, which means it will wear out pretty soon if you use shoes while stepping on the tape. 

Use: Indoor, especially wet rooms. Less suitable for usage when wearing shoes. 

Sizes: Available on a roll from18mm to 45mm.

Quality: Average sustainability. 

Lifespan: Between 2-3 years. 

Application: Easy to apply by the adhesive glue layer. Removal is not that easy. 

Antislip pvc rubber tape

This pvc rubber tape is a relatively new product and is specially designed for a home situation (think of small kitchen steps, bumps in the hall, indoor staircases or foldable attick stairs. 

Because of the composition of rubber and pvc this strip feels a bit rough for a good antislip effect, but not to sharp to hurt your feet. You barely feel the strip on your bare foot, and this is why this product is also very good to use in areas such as the bathroom. This strip has a RALcode, which makes it easy to chose your color and maybe even match this with the color of your stairs. 

Application: Indoor living and bathrooms or showerrooms.  

Sizes: Available on a roll of 15m, but also per meter.

Quality: Very sustainable product made from a special kind of pvc rubber for minimal wearing.

Sustainability: Despite the fact that the product is on the market for a short time, about two years, there is a guarantee that the product, with normal use, will last up to 10 years. 

Montage: The application of this stripis very easy. It has a good attachment to the surface because of the special glue layer on the back of the strip. When you remove the strip, there will be some glue left on the surface, but this can be easily removed with some sticker remover.



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