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Anti-slip stair lacquer

Anti-slip stair lacquer

Apply non-slip stair varnish to your stair

If your stairs are slippery and the steps have become bare, you have slipped once again, luckily nothing has been broken! .... Then it is really time to do something about it. Sanding, priming and finishing the stairs is a lot of work but also an accurate job. Are you a little handy and have patience? Then this is a real winter job to do

  • Staircase lacquer as a finishing layer.

  • How much does a stair painting cost DIY.

  • Are you going to renovate the stairs completely?

Staircase lacquer as a finishing layer

In recent years, various brands of paint with an improved anti-slip stair varnish have come onto the market that are a lot better than before. A painted staircase is beautiful and practical with cleaning, but it does make it a lot smoother if your floor covering was used to it. You use a stair varnish as the last layer over the base layer of the painted stairs. To give the stairs more roughness, only paint the stairs with this stair varnish and perhaps also the risers for the color.

Staircase varnish is not cheap, if you want to repaint your staircase in its entirety, you should take into account about 9 m2 of surface for the staircase. You need about 1 liter per layer. Most paint suppliers recommend 3 layers if you paint the stairs in one color, namely 2 layers of primer, 1 layer on color and possibly 1 layer of transparent polyurethane as an extra anti-wear layer.

Some brands also supply the stair varnish in color, so you paint the last layer in color. If you have a varnished hardwood staircase, you can suffice with a layer of clear varnish polyurethane or 2 layers of transparent stair varnish.

Most stairs contain a very fine grain that you hardly see or feel when you walk up the stairs. You can safely paint the entire staircase with this, only this stair lacquer gives an improved anti-slip.

What does painting a staircase cost if you do it yourself with a stair varnish?

Giving a staircase a new coat of paint and painting it with a stair varnish costs quite a bit, if you want to do it well and use a reputable brand such as a Sigma paint, or a Sikkens paint, take into account about 2 liters of primer and 1 liter of tap lacquer (note a can contains 0.75 ml) an average price for a liter is approximately 35.00 euros, with sandpaper brushes, etc. stairs to materials.

Are you going to completely renovate the stairs?

If you are going to completely refurbish the stairs by removing the old floor covering, burning off old glue, sanding, filling etc, then also read our
blog article painting like a real pro, where many useful tips are given that you should take into account when painting the stairs.

Since the stairs are walked a lot and there is still wear on the front of the stairs (dull and bare), it is advisable to also
apply a non-slip stair tape. However, if you don't like this, then you should assume that you will have to give the stairs a new layer of stair varnish over time. If you want to know how strong the strip is, you still want to prevent the wear of your paint as much as possible. Then request a free sample card. You can then clearly see the color and quality of this anti-slip tape.


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Blog writer: Dennis




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