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Anti-slip stair tape Frequently asked questions

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Over the past 6 years, many questions from consumers about anti-slip rubber tape have been received via e-mail, telephone, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Questions of various kinds such as, what do you mean by 100% guarantee, or I have black stripes on the anti-slip tape, how do I get it off?

Many answers can be found on the website, but sometimes it is quite a search. Because we want to be optimally user-friendly with the webshop, we have once again listed the 10 most frequently asked questions of recent years for you.

What material is the non-slip stair tape made of?

  • Can you also use this anti-slip stair tape outside.
  • What exactly do you mean by 100% guarantee?
  • Can this non-slip stair tape be painted over?
  • I have black marks on the tape that I can remove this with.
  • How do I remove the glue residue from the old strip
  • Why do you recommend putting the anti-slip tape in warm water for a while?
  • Which paint is best for this non-slip tape.
  • If I move, I can easily remove the tape.
  • Can I also apply this anti-slip stair tape to a stair renovation.

What material is the anti-slip stair tape made of?

The consumer confusion is probably in the company name anti-slip rubber tape, because it contains the word rubber. The non-slip stair tape is not made of rubber. Rubber is much too vulnerable for this and will quickly tear and wear. When we developed this strip in 2014 and had it made for the first time, it also contained a rubber component. We soon found out that the strip tears quickly and the adhesive layer easily peels off and shifts under a walking load. That is why we looked for a stronger composition, namely a PVC in combination with an elastomer in a certain ratio. This made the anti-slip tape much stronger and immediately got a green edge, which is also not unimportant. Now our tape is recyclable, which rubber is not.

Can you also apply this anti-slip stair tape outside?

This is a Yes and No question and therefore we do not recommend it. But the glue layer applied by the Dutch factory is of the very best quality. According to the Tesa standard, the adhesive layer can be used very well outdoors, but the composition of the tape is not so suitable for outdoor use. Namely, some colors discolour quickly due to the sun and the material hardens at outside temperatures below minus 10 degrees. Hardening does not benefit the wear resistance, so we cannot fulfill our guarantee, so we recommend that you only use the tape indoors.

What exactly do you mean by 100% guarantee?

Due to extensive testing in the beginning in 2014, but also the results of sales and customer satisfaction, we give a 100% guarantee for 2 years without any worries, something many companies don't do. You can read a 10-year warranty or even a 15-year warranty, but these are expiring warranties, which means that after purchase the percentage of the guarantees decreases rapidly every year. Usually this is already 50% after the 1st year. ​ 2-year warranty seal of anti-slip rubber tape. With anti-slip rubber tape we give a 100% guarantee over a period of 2 years without hassle, on the wearing out and/or the construction, say the adhesive layer. If there is something wrong with the non-slip stair tape, we will supply new material immediately and 100% free of charge.

Can this non-slip stair tape be painted over?

We get this question very regularly. People want to give the stairs a fresh coat of color and think how easy it can be to adjust the color of the anti-slip tape. Unfortunately, there is no paint that adheres well to the stair tape. The material is sensitive to temperatures, if it is very hot in your house, the tape will shrink, if it is cold, the tape will expand. This will cause the paint on the anti-slip tape to quickly tear/crack and peel off. As far as we know there is no color paint for this that adheres well. Keep in mind that with shoes, for example, you quickly run out of paint.

I have black spots on the tape how can I remove this?

Some rubber soles of shoes are black and soft. For example, if you now have white anti-slip stair tape on your stairs, the black rubber sole can give stripes. The only way to remove this properly is with a small piece of sandpaper with a very fine grit 240. Try not to touch the paint layer as much as possible. After sanding, remove the residue of sanding with a mild soapy water. You can also remove some stains with a pencil eraser, you will have to try this out.

How do I remove the adhesive residue from old anti-slip tape?

If you have removed the old anti-slip tape and there are still remnants of tape and glue on the steps, this must be removed first. It is best to do this with WD40, which you can buy in a spray can at the hardware store. You spray the spots with this and let it soak for fifteen minutes. Then you take a scouring sponge, such a green sponge and with light rotating movements you loosen the glue. Remove the collected remains with a dry and clean cloth. If you have removed all residues in this way, the surface must first be cleaned well with a degreaser. In the past, ammonia was used for this. Nowadays there are less dangerous degreasers, you can also buy these at the better hardware store. When you have cleaned the stairs in this way you can continue. Or apply a painting action or a new anti-slip tape.

Why do you recommend putting the non-slip stair tape in warm water?

The material is sensitive to temperature fluctuations. In the summer period the strip is very flexible and therefore easy to process when unrolling and pasting. In the winter period the trip is a bit stiffer and this is more difficult, if you let the strip come to room temperature first, processing becomes much easier. If you want to assemble quickly, it is advisable to briefly put the strip in warm water, which makes the material more flexible.

Which paint is best for this non-slip tape?

This non-slip stair tape can be applied to all types of paint, it is important that you let the new layer of paint dry well first. If you have applied the paint professionally with between sanding and degreasing for optimal adhesion, the adhesion will be optimal after a few days and you can easily stick this non-slip tape on the new paint layer.

If I move, I can easily remove the tape?

The tape is easily removable if you warm it up with a hair dryer and pull off short pieces. If you do this, the paint will not peel off. If you pull the strip off without heating, you run the risk of pieces of paint being pulled along and or that glue residues will remain behind. These glue residues can then be removed with a sticker remover or WD40.

Can I also apply this anti-slip tape to a staircase renovation?

Have you installed new transfer steps, but do you still find them too slippery? Our anti-slip rubber tape adheres very well to the transition steps, even if there is a structure in the stair renovation transition step, the adhesive layer of the strip is strong and guarantees that the strip will not shift in the long run. When applying it is only important that you degrease the top layer of the step with a degreaser.  

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